Fresh Produce

  laurie53 10:20 10 Dec 2007

I'm sure some will already be aware of this tip, but some may not.

If you buy your sprouts "on the stalk", cut the end of the stalk, like you would with cut flowers, and stand it in a pot of water at the back door.

Not only do you get fresh frost touched sprouts without even getting your feet wet, but they keep for ages. Even after about six weeks you've only got to peel a couple of yellowing leaves off.

My apologies to those who would not care if every sprout in the land died prematurely, preferably before Christmas!

  Al94 10:25 10 Dec 2007

Love them with butter and roasted almonds!

  Bingalau 10:47 10 Dec 2007

laurie53. Thanks for that tip. Al94. Thanks for yours also. I just like them as long as they're hot. But will try them with butter etc. in future, (Don't care if I do put on weight).

  Pine Man 10:53 10 Dec 2007

The smell of sprouts.............after they have been eaten ;-)

  HCOOH 11:12 10 Dec 2007

I wonder how much the effect of eating sprouts has contributed to Global Warming.

  dagbladet 11:13 10 Dec 2007

I can't stand sprouts but for some barking reason I will ensure that there is a bag of them in the veg basket at christmas and I will eat at least half a dozen with my dinner.

  spuds 11:42 10 Dec 2007

We purchase our sprouts and most other products from the frozen or chilled food section. I even heard one of the TV celebrity chefs praise the splendour and taste of frozen peas the other day :O)

Did go that extra mile a couple of weeks ago, and purchased some newly washed and scrapped carrots. Had a few, and the rest are still sitting in the bag smiling.

  wee eddie 12:54 10 Dec 2007

When a pod is picked, deterioration is rapid 5-6 hours and you can taste the deterioration. The quality Branded Freezers aim to have them from the Vine to Frozen in under 3 hours and so the frozen product is definitely superior to any pea that the market can provide, which has usually been "en route" for 24, or more, hours to get to the shop, let alone your kitchen/cooker.

On the Plant a Vegetable theme: Little Gem, Cos Lettuce and Celery, kept chilled with their roots/base in water will carry on growing while in your fridge!

  Coffee Adict 15:00 10 Dec 2007

I can recommend (oh dear that looks wrong whichever way I spell it) the green stay fresh longer bags from Lakeland Plastics for root vegetables for keeping in the fridge, especially carrots and parsnips.

  €dstowe 15:21 10 Dec 2007

I get my sprouts from a local smallholding, as fresh a I could want.

Don't envy me in the late winter, though, when the sprouts are over and the stalks are pulled and left to rot in the field. The smell of the plants in their decay is far worse than anything that is formed as a result of eating them. It pervades the whole village and is so strong, you can almost see it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:34 10 Dec 2007

Love sprouts, mostly eat the frozen ones from ASDA, but fresh is best when they are in season and had the frost touch them.

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