Freezer keeps get gettting frozen up

  ponytail 11:31 02 Nov 2014

I have a Bush HD-220RWN fridge freezer it is about 18 months old.It is now starting to freeze up in the fridge section.A couple of days ago I emptied it and cleaned the entire fridge section and removed all the ice.Cleaned the drain but now it is just starting to freeze up again.I set the temperature to 1 which is the lowest.Not sure what else I can do.Anyone got any ideas.

  onthelimit1 11:50 02 Nov 2014

Two possibilities spring to mind. 1. Have you got or can borrow a fridge thermometer? It may be that the thermostat has packed up (can you hear the motor running all the time?). 2. Some fridge freezers only have one thermostat (in the freezer compartment), and if the freezer cabinet is clogged with ice, the motor may run continuously to try to reduce the freezer temp - this will over-cool the fridge section.

  Aitchbee 12:54 02 Nov 2014

I would suggest defrosting the whole appliance by switching off for a couple of days, thereby insuring that ALL of the built-up ice [in places you may have 'missed'] turns to water.

PS. I did this on my own 'automatic defrost' fridge and was very surprised at the amount of water delivered to the DRIP-TRAY which required emptying 3 times, during the 'mega-melt-down'.

  john bunyan 13:48 02 Nov 2014

Note that fridges and freezers, these days, are designed to work at ambient temperatures of 10 deg or higher. I cannot find an upright freezer replacement for the old freezer I have in my garage, due to changes in EU regulations on the chemicals used. Slightly off subject, I know - sorry.

  Pine Man 15:15 02 Nov 2014

Have you always set it to '1'?

You say this is the lowest BUT lowest could actually mean coldest!

  caccy 16:24 02 Nov 2014

Daughter has to switch her "frost free" fridge/freezer off for a couple days every year to get it to work correctly again. Same problem as yours.

  ponytail 16:56 02 Nov 2014

Hi Pine Man It was set at 3

  ponytail 16:59 02 Nov 2014

The manual says the temperature can be set between 1 and 7. 7 being the coldest which is why I always had it set at 3 which is about half way.

  wee eddie 17:49 02 Nov 2014

Just a thought.

Check whether anyone is putting open liquids, or warm foods, into either compartment. For example:an open ice tray, refilled every couple of days will produce considerable frosting

  spuds 18:10 02 Nov 2014

More like a thermostat problem!.

Ponytail, I notice that you have another similar request on another forum regarding the contact details for Bush. According to Which, it would appear to be Argos click here

  wee eddie 19:08 02 Nov 2014

Just another thought:

Faulty door seals, decayed or deformed, are frequently the cause of excessive frosting.

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