Freeware Favourites

  Tenacious Green 15:15 11 Jan 2005

As I am a bit of a scrooge I am always on the lookout for good free software products. I am interested to know what people consider to be their favourite free programs and why?

Obviously AVG,Avast,ZA,Adaware and spybot I will take as most peoples favourites as they always appear on this forum.

For me Firefox 1.0, mainly because it has opened my eyes to the world of browsing and that some of the extensions and search options enhance my browsing experience.

  Belatucadrus 15:44 11 Jan 2005

OpenOffice, PagePlus, Kerio 4, Eraser, ZipCentral, Smart recovery, Everest, Regseeker, CCleaner, Leechget, Spellcheck for OE, AntiDialer, DeKnop, PhotoFiltre, Spellbound, Outlook express freebie backup etc.

  carolineann 16:42 11 Jan 2005

One is an envelope program cos I could never get it right in Microsoft word.

Two is an address flipper.

And three an invoicing program.

I do think if I did need anything I would probably look for a free program first.

Ok call me scrooge as well.

  Chris the Ancient 17:16 11 Jan 2005

I'm intrigued and would love to play - especially with the envelope addresser and invoicing program.

Is there a link for them?

  Chris the Ancient 17:20 11 Jan 2005

I love my google deskbar click here


My Copernic desktop search (as fully recommended by FE!) click here

The usual others for cleaning and protection are (of course) in there as well.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 17:32 11 Jan 2005

bearshare,msn,divx,netscape,dvd2avi,wincepaint,artage,jetaudio,alllinux,open office,vinylrecorder,stuffit standard,hijackthis.a few others.

  PurplePenny 19:17 11 Jan 2005

HTML-Kit (free for personal, non-commercial use). So much more than just an HTML editor:

click here

(With thanks to Taran who first recommended it over on Web Design.)

  carolineann 19:21 11 Jan 2005
  carolineann 19:26 11 Jan 2005

Sorry you did'nt want that one try this

click here

  carolineann 19:33 11 Jan 2005

click here

Heres the invoicing one. apoliges for misspelling your name.

  Chris the Ancient 19:43 11 Jan 2005

Thanks for the links - I shall start playing (I *should* be working!).

The address the envelope one looks as though it is an ideal one that will save me going into Word just for one envelope. Flipper looks neat and may replace my existing 'address book' system.

And WOW!! Is that invoicing database whizzy or what?

Neat links.

P.S. I don't care about the spelling, it's the thought that counts. Especially when you see some of the things I get called some days.

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