Freeview watchers take note

  jack 18:03 12 Oct 2005

Buried In a topic on the Digital World forum
one of our regulars Stuartli told us about big changes in Freeview due from next Tuesday
A retune will be required for all

See click here

  sunny staines 18:08 12 Oct 2005


  igk 20:34 12 Oct 2005

Thanks for the info,surely it will retune itself when turned on (I hope)...

  De Marcus™ 21:31 12 Oct 2005

some do, some don't.

  CurlyWhirly 21:31 12 Oct 2005

I hope mine retunes itself!

  igk 21:48 12 Oct 2005

Mines a Sagem,when you turn it on sometimes it comes up with "new channels found" then click ok,then it searches and after a while you have to click ok to store so I'm assuming that its automatic...

  jack 08:21 13 Oct 2005

Mines an old 'ON Digital' Steam Nokia- will it wont it?
Something to talk about next Wednesday I guess

  ventanas 08:39 13 Oct 2005

I just wish I could get it.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:01 13 Oct 2005

I gave up on Freeview and went to Sky. It's still often difficult to find anything worth watching!

  Jackcoms 19:12 13 Oct 2005

"I gave up on Freeview and went to Sky"

So you prefer to pay to have nothing to watch rather than have nothing to watch for free?

Hum ...

  Ancient Learner 20:23 13 Oct 2005

I find Freeview, VHS recording, Play Stations and DVD recorders equally baffling, and I simply don't understand how this will effect me.

Does it mean, for example, that when I press the Teletext button on the remote, that I will then get BBC4 instead, and if so where the Heck will I find the Teletext.

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