Jak_1 14:03 20 May 2008

I see many times in the help forum, peeps asking for freebie progs to do certain things. Now these freebie progs can be fine for one off things but if you want to do that thing on a regular basis then the full paid for prog is far superior. There are exceptions I know. Some download so many trial progs in order to continue doing a job that a relatively cheap full prog could do for them far better, unrestricted and usually fully supported.
I have used trial progs and then gone one to get the full paid for versions and still using them. It is little wonder that some peeps get themselves in a muddle with the number of time expired trial progs cluttering up the drive and poss causing problems.
I also know there are some very good free full version progams about, Irfanview for instance. But, why is it that so many peeps opt for second best just because they won't shell out for a program that they will use many times and opt for the restrictive freebie?

  Seth Haniel 14:08 20 May 2008

I think a lot of people, Me included, need a program for a one off use, after being sent a file in that format, not needing all the bells and whistles and expense of paying for a full program

Just my thoughts ;)

  crosstrainer 14:34 20 May 2008

Sometimes it comes down to cost, sometimes practicality. Programmes like Ccleaner, Adaware, SuperAntiSpyware and many others are full, working versions, all with update facilities, and all free (used by many here)

On all the download sites for these products, there is the option to make a donation (I for one do so) but without these utilities provided free, many would go without protection, and many more infected PC's on the net would affect all of us.

  dagbladet 15:35 20 May 2008

"...why is it that so many peeps opt for second best..."

In my case because the "second best" prog does everything I need it to and I don't have any need for the features contained within the full prog that may cost £30-£40-£50.

  interzone55 16:26 20 May 2008

Take Open Office.

This is definitely second best when you compare it to MS Office (maybe thrid best if you throw Word Perfect Office into the mix), but people download & use it because you just can't beat it on price, and MS Office starts at about £80 for Home version, more like £400 if you need to use Access for databases. There's also the fact that most people only use about 10-20% of Office functions, these are the ones that Open Office concentrates on.

Then look at Gimp, this is a PhotoShop clone, not as easy to use, and not quite as powerful, but again, it's free and PhotoShop is about £600.

That's the reason most people use free software

  Chegs ®™ 17:24 20 May 2008

I dont think a paid for version of software is classifiable as better than the free version.My 1st PC came with a full working anti-virus prog.When I upgraded to XP,the anti-virus app couldnt run in XP,and on contacting them to ask I was told I had to buy a newer version of the software to enable it to run under XP.I heard about AVG & installed it instead.About the same time period,I heard about a test you could perform of your anti-virus.As I was dual-booting 98 & XP,I tested the paid for AV app in 98 & it missed the dummy "virus" contained within an email,yet AVG caught it.I eventually ceased dual-booting & have used the free AVG ever since.I tried several software firewalls,no difference between paid for or free versions and presently my PC runs mostly free versions of software.I used to scour computer fairs & have acquired old versions of popular software that arent supposed to run under XP(DriveImage)that work just fine,true its missing the "bells & whistles" of newer versions and I can only run it from floppy discs but I have found other free imaging software that does exactly what its says on the images my hard drives.Microsoft Office is very expensive,but OpenOffice deals with my needs when I require.Installing trial apps then removing them will often be the cause of peeps PC troubles as they never seem to fully depart & leave traces that conflict with other progs.

I recall one guy who tried simply altering the clock on his PC to try fool the trial it hadnt expired,pointless in my view.If he liked the dam prog that much,either buy it or search out a free version of the same.

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