free or not tell the truth please

  KEITH 1955 13:33 09 Feb 2019

FE you might move this to games section ????

In a magazine article lots of games makers had talked about games with what is known as micro payments , most of them admitted that due to the size of the global games market they only needed 3% of players to spend cash to turn a profit.

What really winds me up is games that lock certain content when you get to a certain level so you have to hand over cash or stop using them.

Some so called free to play games almost make you feel as if you are being blackmailed , the scenario goes like this , you get to a point in a game where you cant win because either the IA players are better than you or more to the point you are fighting players who have spent money and have better gear than you so yet again its emotional blackmail time.

Have you played the game enough to spend money on it ? Do you want to carry on using it so that you can join and beat other players who have already spent money.

EXAMPLE.... for the past 2 years I have been using a game called tanki x , and not spent any money on it , I have played hard and got to rank 82 out of 100. The devs recently brought out a new batch of module units that improve game play , instead of getting them as rewards a small bunch of newbies paid cash for them within hours of them appearing in the game. You now have a bunch of newbies who are absolutely hammering players like me who have fought ( not bought ) their way to the top. If you see certain players in the opposing team you just know you are going to loose. The only good thing is if you quit a game you loose less points than you would if you played the 10 minute slot and lost.

  Pine Man 15:25 09 Feb 2019

I'm not much into these sort of games but the TRUTH is that tanki x is definitely FREE to play. You can earn crystals to improve your game play and it definitely states that you can buy extra crystals if you want to.

There are bound to be changes to these sort of games as they are further developed, which you might not approve of, but there is always the uninstall button!

  wee eddie 16:11 09 Feb 2019

How do you think that these guys are going to recoup their development costs?

  Old Deuteronomy 16:51 09 Feb 2019

I think the problem here is not one of the game not being a genuine free-to-play game, more one of it having the facility to be pay-to-win. I would just uninstall it. Micro-transactions for items that do not confer a competitive advantage are fine, you can just take them or leave them but, when they mean those who pay can gain major competitive advantage, they ruin the game.

  KEITH 1955 16:53 09 Feb 2019

ref tanki x some players have over 1 million blue crystals ( I have 800,000 ) and nothing to use them on because they altered the game mechanics last year and compensated everyone with blues instead of yellow that you have to buy.

  Menzie 17:01 09 Feb 2019

I haven't played any free to play games so don't have the experience with them.

I'm not a fan of games in general where a grind is needed to get to a level or certain items.

Even paid games have been unfair in giving those who pay extra a slight edge and the truth is paying for the content in these games will cost you far more than buying an actual commercial retail product.

In the case of commercial games my friend recently got a standard version to a top ranked basketball game. I got the special edition as a gift over Christmas.

The game has a career mode, he starts with the basics and his player was ranked as 60 overall when he started. My player was ranked 80 at the start with far better stats. That means he would have to play a few seasons and earn currency to get towards my level that I started on.

  oresome 18:20 09 Feb 2019

Perhaps these games reflect real life.

Money buys advantages.

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