A free offer from British Gas- Oh Yeah!

  SparkyJack 17:16 03 Sep 2014

An Email this evening frm BG

"Y have been chosed for a FREE installation of smart meters.

as they own the meters 'FREE' is a bit of a misnomer.

any one got a smart installation?

  BT 17:31 03 Sep 2014

From 'Which' website..

"There will be no upfront cost to customers being transferred to a smart meter – and a smart meter will put an end to estimated bills, so you'll only be paying for the gas and electricity you use, not meter readings."

I don't pay for meter readings I do it myself and send it to them online. OK they send someone occasionally to make sure I ain't cheating, but that's their problem, there's nothing to gain by giving false readings as they'll find out eventually.

  iscanut 18:08 03 Sep 2014

Like wise..I always submit readings regularly online and have never had a dodgy billed account. I do not see that there would any advantage for me with one of these meters apart from not having to submit readings online, which is no big deal.

  SparkyJack 21:36 03 Sep 2014

I do the same They email me on the due day and both metres are read on that day and on line Shabout the little prompt payment discount no longer given and as for DD's dont play that game either, always helping themselves to amounts way over actual cost

  Forum Editor 07:43 04 Sep 2014

Smart metering has benefits. It enables you to see how much energy you're using in real time, and that might enable you to modify your energy use patter.

All energy meters are paid for by us - we pay via our billing,and smart meters will be no different. Installation of smart meters is obviously something that is paid for by the supplier, but in the end the consumer pays for everything.

Smart metering is going to happen, whatever we might think - by 2020 millions of us will have it, and I can't really think of any down-side to it. People who are worried about their energy data being sold to third parties are probably going to worry about almost anything. I couldn't care less who knows how much energy I use.

  BT 08:05 04 Sep 2014


I agree about the Direct Debit thing. I can't see why it's necessary for most people. If you can't manage your money so that you have the funds available when the bills are due maybe, but from what I've seen many people often have more taken than necessary and end up in credit with the energy companies. Good for them as they have your money in their bank accounts and like the banks delaying clearance of funds for only a few days, it makes them money. Sooner have it my account than theirs.

Regarding submitting meter readings, I've had the British Gas App on my tablet for a while now, and it greatly simplifies submitting the readings, and accessing your accounts.

  spuds 11:29 04 Sep 2014

For what its worth. We have a dual fuel account with E.ON, and through constant problems after having estimated bills in access of power used, even after the meters had been read with on-site visits. We chose to have a Smart Meter fitted. Not only was it installed within a few days of requesting it, but it was also one of the wisest moves. Installation was very simple, and took less than 30 minutes with no disruptions to household.

No more estimated bills, and with the various information supplied via the Smart Meter, we know exactly how we stand with our dual fuel supplies.

E.ON are now constantly pushing us to have paperless bills and open a direct debit account, with incentives for doing so. So far, we have resisted this, because we want to be in control and not a utility company.

  johndrew 10:17 05 Sep 2014

It's a cost cutting measure effectively, much the same as in banks and supermarkets where you use the machine for whatever business and an employee is 'released'.

In the case of smart meters the meter reader is not required and those consumers who provide readings and get Nectar or other perks lose them.

However the price paid for power will not reduce any more than the banks will give better interest rates or supermarkets lower their prices.

  bumpkin 14:12 05 Sep 2014

"You have been chosen for a FREE installation of smart meters

Nothing against smart Meters, they seem like a good idea but it is the way that it is portrayed in the above as if you are one of the fortunate ones. What happens to those that are not chosen? do they have to pay or do they not get one.

  wee eddie 14:52 05 Sep 2014

Smart Meters are getting smarter all the time. Each iteration appears to be neater and more capable than the previous one, with better methods of display and more user control.

If I were you, I would put off installation until it becomes mandatory, in about 8 to 10 years time. The meters, then, are likely to be much more user friendly and easier to install than those available now.

  SparkyJack 16:43 05 Sep 2014

Wee Eddie Good point about hanging for the ultimate,too bad it came now,as I signed up/yesterday. But presumably as it is their meter'itviscin their interest to update/grade as/the tech moves on. Asking around I have concluded that only those customers WO pay for fuel used on the bill is their target as opposed to DD payers.

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