Free Laptops For Low Income Families

  Input Overload 18:54 16 Jan 2010

'The Prime Minister is to promise free laptops and broadband access for 270,000 low-income families so that they can better follow their children’s progress at school and access progress reports on attainment, behaviour and other needs'.

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Most of these low income family's Fathers and/or Mothers can often be seen in Chesterfield waiting for Wetherspoons to open where they spend most of the day, usuly with smoke eminating from thier personage.

You can get a used DELL Lattitude 610 with XP & wireless built in for under £200 from such as Bigpockets. As most of these low income family's have Sky+ they can get BB for a pitance.

IMHO getting out of bed & off thier backsides and doing some extra work would be preferable to giving out free lappy's that will probably be wrecked in weeks. As easy come easy go. A good kick up their back sides would I feel be preferable.

  canarieslover 19:14 16 Jan 2010

Looks like there will be quite a few laptops on eBay once this sheme gets under way.

  tullie 19:15 16 Jan 2010

Did it bever cross your mind that there are many genuine low income families,i dont suppose it did with comments like yours.

  Input Overload 19:32 16 Jan 2010

A 'very' close relative works to care for under privileged children and assist 'low income' family's. Most consume more booze in a week than I do in a year & keep the state of Virginia with continuing high levels of exporting Tobacco. It's not difficult to get £170 together for a good used lappy.

it does require getting up before noon and moving around though.

  Input Overload 19:37 16 Jan 2010

Good money could be made in the last fortnight in clearing drives of snow for a tenner. Some enterprising youngsters did that on my road. It's not possible to do that & sit in the local pub at the same time though unfortunately.

  tullie 19:38 16 Jan 2010

Absalute Rubbish,words fail me.Did you tick as resolved so you wouldent get critisism?

  Input Overload 19:43 16 Jan 2010

tullie, I might be on a low income, (you have assumed I am not) but I don't smoke or drink & because of that I run around in a 09 car. I don't expect the government to pay for my BB access either. Or to buy me a new DELL lappy or the software to use it with. Nanny state gone mad.

  Input Overload 19:45 16 Jan 2010

tullie, explain where my reasoning is erroneous please. I would bet my bottom $ these kids have play stations etc.

  Input Overload 19:54 16 Jan 2010

It seems words are still failing you.

  tullie 19:54 16 Jan 2010

I dident assume you were a low income,i just despair that you put low income earners in one category.

  Input Overload 20:12 16 Jan 2010

I despair that the PM feels the need to hand out free BB & hardware & software where these days such gear can be got for next to nothing.

And some company will get a good contract & the government will end up paying well over the odds as with the great NHS IT scheme that's cost more than Milton Keynes cost to build.

It's not difficult to raise the cash yourself to get your children on the net, & if they contribute to the cost of it they will appreciate it far more than something just handed out to them.

And I will continue to stand by the stance that no one in the UK is on the poverty line because of income with tax credits etc. Rather stupidity & cretin like behavior that I see each & every day in my town & hear of each day from a close relative, names removed of course.

My daughter recently got a new laptop but she was expected to contribute to the cost herself with pocket money earned my doing jobs in the house. BTW she is just 9.

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