Free Gmail? What is It?

  mbp 15:55 09 Sep 2004

Everyone is rushing to grab a Gmail like they were hot cakes going free.

What is so wonderful about Gmail? What can it do that Outlook Express cannot do? Except that it has 1GB of web email space? Except for having the capacity to store more and more obsolete junk that you do not and never will need what else is it good for? I suppose you could store a lot of files or family photos sent to you, but there are other places for that, what else can you use the space for? Is that space private and secure? Is that space always reserved storage space for you guaranteed? For always? Please explain all this to me and tell me why I should get enthusiastic and try to get one myself?

  VoG II 20:53 09 Sep 2004

Nobody is trying to force you!

click here

  mbp 21:32 09 Sep 2004

VoG Thanks for the URL it offers lots of web space and search or tracking facilities, but I would be interested to see the other features of the mail client eventually! Is Gmail still in its beta phase? I believe early subscribers of BT-YahooBB mail also were given 1 GB of web mail space, plus 100 MB of web space for web albums or files. The latter is very useful and practical.

  VoG II 21:39 09 Sep 2004

It is on trial at the moment. If you would like an invitation just click my yellow envelope and I'll send you an invitation. If, after you have tried it you don't like it, then don't use it.

I am using the trial at the moment but I am not keen on web-based mail (I use OE for Hotmail). But Gmail does have some interesting features.

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