Free antispyware not as good-PCA

  anskyber 13:31 28 Aug 2006

Its an old chestnut on this site about paid for and free software dealing with things like spyware. I found this PCA Blog very interesting.

"Despite the widespread use of antivirus software to protect against bugs and firewalls to stop hackers, spyware is still able to find its way on to most home PCs. This could be because no antispyware software is being used, or because the free tool that is being used doesn't offer the most up-to-date definitions. In fact, some free antispyware software actually installs spyware, preying on user concerns over safety."

Are we suckers?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:43 28 Aug 2006

Some diseases are resistant to one drug and require a combination of drugs to cure the patient TB for instance.

Spyware is simular therefore if you use a combination of Antispyware you should get of it.

Spywareblaster as a blocker
Defender (XP only) as a realtime scanner
and Adaware as a backup scanner

Works for me not seen any spyware for the last year or so.

Also use a different combination on my networked PCs they alos ar clean.

  anskyber 13:52 28 Aug 2006

I think the thing that caught my eye was the statement

"the free tool that is being used doesn't offer the most up-to-date definitions."

  SANTOS7 13:56 28 Aug 2006

All the free tools i use are updated regularly,
there is no definitive prog to prevent spyware, like
Fruit Bat /\0/\ suggests a combination of progs will go a long way to protecting your PC.
much of it is down to where you point your PC in the first place..

  johndrew 14:32 28 Aug 2006

What I find interesting is the way some companies use scare tactics to `encourage` people to buy their anti-malware products.

After my regular checks for malware I had downloaded some OS 98SE update material for a friend and decided to use BitDefenders` online scan to check for anything unusual. Having not been to any other sites I usually frequent other than this download I didn`t expect anything to show. However BitDefender claimed that one of the OS 98SE files had Trojan.BAT.Restart.A. which it removed. I should add the site used for the download came from a good source - PCA.

After much searching and help from SANTOS7 I did find some information on the reported malware but not a lot. However an Ad-Aware scan with a recent update showed up 5 copies of BPS SpywareRemover which according to Lavasoft is used to scare people into buying anti-malware software.

I had been free of any problems for some time (using my mix of AVG free, Defender, Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D and a-squared free backed up by SpywareBlaster and the occasional use of SysClean) and this episode makes me wonder if there are some sellers who wish to sell at any cost. My opinion of the free products I use is high, and though they may not be updated as quickly or as regularly as the commercial versions, they are concientiously supported nevertherless.

Having said this I also recognise that without people paying for similar products there is little chance the free versions would be available anyway. My thanks go out to all who, in truth, support me.

  GaT7 21:31 30 Aug 2006

I use the 3 Fruit Bat mentions & have had no problems either.

Every 3 months or so I run a free online scanner like TrendMicro click here or Ewido click here.

If ever in doubt about a program, check it out at this site's comprehensive list click here. G

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