free 3d carp fishing game

  mrwoowoo 22:40 09 Jan 2008

Yes i know this will not be most peoples cup of tea but it's a free game and great fun especially if you love carp fishing.
My first fish 30lb 3oz (O:!
3dcarp is the whole free game (which i play),whilst 3dcarp 2 is an updated demo only.

click here

  Si_L 22:52 09 Jan 2008

Quite possibly the only thing worse than that game is actually fishing for carp.

  mrwoowoo 22:56 09 Jan 2008

Which is why i said it's not most peoples cup of tea.
Anyone not into carp fishing need not apply.

  Stuartli 09:16 10 Jan 2008

Have you actually ever fished for carp?

  FungusBoggieman 16:00 10 Jan 2008

And whats wrong with carp fishing may I ask?
Very relaxing and enjoyable sport.
The resaviour behind my house stock up to 20 pounders not had any tho anly the small 10 pounders and them buggers are quite cunning.

  Earthsea 16:14 10 Jan 2008

I went on a fishing boat once and caught a sea bass. Tasted lovely.

  pj123 16:49 10 Jan 2008

FungusBoggieman, you think fishing is a sport?

Who for? You, or the fish?

  FungusBoggieman 16:59 10 Jan 2008

for me I have never asked the fish

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