Fray Bentos Pies!!!

  Demora 08:54 12 Mar 2010


I remember seeing someone on here having a liking for the above mentioned Pies.

Not sure if it wasn't somewhere in the tinned tomatoe thread.

Anyway click here

You can stock up now.

No affiliation to the above mentioned store.


  Quickbeam 08:58 12 Mar 2010

A canny bargain indeed...

  michaelw 08:59 12 Mar 2010

It's my favorite pie. You don't get all pastry and no filling like some.

  Demora 09:32 12 Mar 2010

My mum used to keep the tins after and wash them then make her own pie in them.

I also had a dog that would sulk when mum and dad went away on holiday and the only way I could get him to eat his dinner was to give him a piece of the said pie.


  Awshum 09:49 12 Mar 2010

Was fed that crap as a kid - wouldn't touch them now.

My favourite pie is Chicken and Leek Puff Pastry from Marks and Spencer.

  Hercule Marple 10:02 12 Mar 2010

I like FB steak and kidney puddings (£1 at ASDA for a big 'un atm!).

Re. M & S pies. I bought a largish chicken pie from there a few weeks ago, and the filling was so runny it might as well have been soup.

  Awshum 10:16 12 Mar 2010

Should have complained as that isn't normal.

  Hercule Marple 10:24 12 Mar 2010

I'm not one to complain. I just spooned it up.

  jack 10:51 12 Mar 2010


I used to think that 'Fay Bentos' was the name of the lady that provided the recipe
But this is not so
Do you know?
Without resorting to Wickie that is?

Answer when enough of you have had a good guess.
No prizes

  Cymro. 10:54 12 Mar 2010

My wife stopped buying the FB once at about the time of the "Mad Cow" scare mind you the one she gets now is probably much the same as the FB one.

  Quickbeam 11:57 12 Mar 2010

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