fray bentos

  rdave13 22:11 25 Apr 2009

Following the load of spam being deleted on these forums, lately, I decided to Google 'corned beef' (just to be awkward) and found this interesting 1966 extract from 'Lost Cowboys: From Patagonia to the Alamo'. An interesting read; click here

  Brumas 22:23 25 Apr 2009

Well, I found it very interesting but then I have to say I have always preferred fact to fiction.

  rdave13 22:49 25 Apr 2009

Even 'recent' history is fascinating. To be able to come across something like this on the internet, just on a whim, is also amazing. Even ten years ago it wouldn't have been as easy.

  lotvic 23:16 25 Apr 2009

I enjoyed reading that, it was kinda fascinating.
Thanks rdave13

Maybe Brumas will present us with a postcard of the place one Fri night ;-)

  Brumas 23:25 25 Apr 2009

Although Fran's tastes are quite eclectic I don't think they encompass this, so the chance of finding a postcard in her vast collection would be as remote as Bingalau winning a beauty contest ;o]]

  Quickbeam 09:14 26 Apr 2009

Corned beef or 'dog' as it's often called, is one of those once in a while simple meals that I suddenly have a craving for as a taste from the past.

Corned dog, chips & beans yummy... Best served chilled from the fridge and cut into 3/8" thick chunky slices:)

  wiz-king 09:15 26 Apr 2009

I remember during the Falkland war the only corned beef I could get was tinned Botswana cattle meat - it was delicious!

  Quickbeam 09:18 26 Apr 2009

Was that political sourcing?

  Bingalau 10:00 26 Apr 2009

Brumas. I haven't missed that derogatory remark, so another black mark goes against your name in my little book, I forget what colour the book is. But it matters not, your name is well and truly ticked.
Why have you got a double chin in your post above, by the way?

  interzone55 14:01 26 Apr 2009

If you like Corned Beef, this is how my favourite restaurant make their own...

click here

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