France bans cell telephones

  LastChip 22:03 27 Mar 2005

in theatres.

click here for a tongue in cheek report, that never the less does pose some significant questions regarding officials that do not, or cannot, understand the possible consequences of their actions.

Whilst I find cell phones extremely annoying in such venues, there must be some better way; surely? Are people just so rude today, as to ignore all others pleasure?

  BRYNIT 23:33 27 Mar 2005


  Charence 23:45 27 Mar 2005

Our school seems to have such an idea implemented (whether it was intended or a mistake I'm not quite sure) The area around my form room is built from concrete and steel frames and my mobile phone has little chance of getting a signal (and I'm on Vodafone!), unless you stand next to the window; in the older parts of the school, the walls are about a foot thick which also weakens the signal quite a lot.


  wiz-king 06:20 28 Mar 2005

I worked in a building that was aluminium clad on a steel frame, cell phones were ok until we put a couple of layer of solar film on the windows then - oops no signal. It used to drive visiting engineers nuts, they spent longer walking round with the phone trying to get a signal that they did doing the service to the equipment.

  €dstowe 08:36 28 Mar 2005

I know of a famous gentleman's club in London that has a covering of very fine metal mesh. Ostensibly it is to stop pigeons landing and nesting on the window sills but it does a fine job of stopping the propagation of mobile phone signals as well. Being a traditional club, mobiles are not allowed, of course.

The mesh is almost invisible from the street.

  Forum Editor 08:39 28 Mar 2005

Just jam the signals in cinemas/theatres etc., and be done with it. Were there constant cinema fires in the days before mobile phones, with everyone rushing around in a panic, unable to contact the emergency services? I don't think so.

In today's society we seem to have become obsessed with the "what if?" question - "what if this happens?" or "what if that goes wrong?". Mobiles are undoubtedly useful in some emergency situations, but surely we can't let our entire lives be ruled by the faint possibility that a fire might start in a cinema and we'll all be trapped and someone would save our lives by using their mobile?

I say jam the signals during the performance, and let's have some peace. On two occasions recently I have been watching a film when someone with only two brain cells has fired up his/her mobile and started a conversation. The sheer, mind numbing, ignorance of such people is beyond comprehension. They do it, despite a clear announcement, reminding people to turn their phones off, going out over the sound system before the start of the film.

As happens in so many other situations, here we have an example - humorous aspects aside - of the French showing us how to behave in a civilised manner.

  It's Me 11:58 28 Mar 2005

As happens in so many other situations, here we have an example - humorous aspects aside - of the French showing us how to behave in a civilised manner.
And having the courage to do it. Without a thought for political correctness, thank goodness!

  octal 13:58 28 Mar 2005

At present in this country it is illegal to use jammers. It's not illegal to line the venue with a type of radiation absorbing mesh that blocks the mobile phone frequencies, its already marketed: click here

  georgemac © 17:32 28 Mar 2005

I would be very worried if I was sitting in a modern cinema and was dependant upon someone with a mobile raising an alarm if there was a fire

I thought they would be required to have a permanently installed smoke detection system linked directly to the fire brigade?

and possibly a sprinkler system?

It is 2005, I thought all modern public building would have this requirememnt under the fire regs

I too find it extremely annoying if one rings in a cimema or a restaurant - it is surely not too much to ask that they are switched off in these places

  Dumble452 08:17 30 Mar 2005

If a text message could possibly be that important.

Unfortunately many people seem to need mobile phones to bolster their ego and confirm that they are popular/indispensable. Personally I would banish them all to Room 101 along with stereo headphones on public transport, 4x4s in urban areas, part-time traffic signals, keg beer and kids in pubs.

  It's Me 21:22 30 Mar 2005

A fellow traveller I see. I could add a lot more to that list. Such as the those put back into the community and given a high powered, or a very noisy, motorbike to tear about on.

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