The frailty of men

  carver 10:46 18 Dec 2011

It appears that we men are so lacking in any form of self control and it's all the fault of women, during the middle ages if some thing went wrong it got blamed on the which, never a wizard.

The Muslim faith have to get their women to cover up in case a man gets inflamed with the wrong feelings, again it's the womens fault.

Now it seems that even these zealots in Jerusalem are getting in on the act.

Why is it that not one of these people ever get the idea that maybe it's not the woman who is at fault but some randy bloke who can't control his own emotions and should be confined to his home until he can.

The lat item is just getting past a joke, these women fight and die for their country and now they are trying to be treated like a sub species.

  Condom 11:26 18 Dec 2011

Well said young Carver. I'm only unsure about which witch you are talking about. Although I am making light of the matter it is all too clear that it is a real problem in many cultures where women are often treated like possesions. I guess their weak men must have something to fear from the so called weaker sex.

What I do find more worrying is that this is finding its way into the UK. During my working life I often came across situations where men would try and prevent medical care for their women unless they could also be present in the room and also many households where the women were prevented from learning English in case they found out things the men thought they shouldn't know. Some husbands were even preventing the infornmation from getting to their wives when local language versions of documents were issued.

Perhaps one day we will see an Emily Pankhurst type leader emerge from these communities and lead their women to some sort of freedom as there does not seem to be much will on the part of our (mostly) men leaders to really tackle the issue on our own doorstep.

  carver 11:31 18 Dec 2011

Condom must get spelling better, I blame it on the wife

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