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  User-1159794 14:05 11 Sep 2007

Quake Wars Demo has been released.728 MB's.
I torrent-ed it in a hour or so.
Been looking forward to this.

  wolfie3000 16:05 11 Sep 2007

All the details here, also the download links and the torrent.

click here

Im gonna give it a try later, but im not a huge fan of Quake.

  User-1159794 16:32 11 Sep 2007

Your A Halo fan,I believe.
Cannot play Halo 2 as its Vista and I'm not getting that any time soon.Though I'm keeping an eye on this click here

  wolfie3000 23:47 11 Sep 2007

Well theres lots of rumours about Halo2 at the moment And i know dor a fact somepeople have got it running on Windows XP.

Just wish i knew how.

Well i get daily reports from Bungie and other sources and i expect i will be one of the first to know about any firm facts about Halo2 and XP.

  Si_L 23:53 11 Sep 2007

I was looking at getting Halo 2 for PC. Its got mixed reviews, has anyone here played it?

  wolfie3000 01:31 12 Sep 2007

iv played in on a few occasions and i personally loved the game, but im bias,

Some people were worried about it being like the xbox version,

Which got slated by everyone for its inaccurate sniper scope amongst other things,

But the best way to judge a game is to play it yourself.

This might give you an idea.

click here;2960698;/fileinfo.html

  wolfie3000 01:32 12 Sep 2007

Sorry here,

click here

  Marko797 16:24 12 Sep 2007

I wouldn't bother, it's pretty shabby

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