Four silver wine racks.

  carolineann 14:03 12 Sep 2004

Thats what I ordered in error from a wedding present list from a well known store.

My first attempt at internet shopping, fortunatly a quick phone call put it right.

I think it was SPUDS who once said that he ordered a travel catalogue and got one hundred.

I wonder who else has boobed with shopping on line?

  Valvegrid 15:14 12 Sep 2004

Not exactly ordering on line. A Works manager in a firm I used to work for back in the 70's, I asked him to order 10 file handles from Radio Spares, which he did. When the order arrived it was 100! What he failed to see that the order quantity was for 1 pack of ten, needless to say he passed the ordering over to me after he found he was the butt end of jokes in the company.

Only a couple of handles were used per year, so the company was safe for the next 50 years.

  spuds 16:16 12 Sep 2004

Spot on. I ordered one and got one hundred, but that was in the days of early on-line ordering via Prestel and my trusty Spectrum.Ho happy days :o)

  carolineann 16:32 12 Sep 2004

What did you do with them?

Just curious.


  Yokel 17:21 12 Sep 2004

A colleague once correctly ordered a single manual for the X25 communications protocol. Yes, you're right, twenty-five copies turned up so we all had personal copies and spares.

  spuds 19:38 12 Sep 2004

Neighourhood distribution, but nobody could afford those 'far away' places. Kept the local kids up to date with their geography lessons though :o)

  It's Me 20:39 12 Sep 2004

Best true tale that I know of dates to the beginning of 1939, just pre war. An uncle who was in charge of the office of his partnership with his dad and brother, misread an advert and ordered a box of a gross of toilet rolls.

Some time later, one of those 3 wheel traction units and trailer so beloved of the railways in those days ( does anyone else remember them?)rolled into the companies yard. A bit later his dad appeared with the words " What the bl---y H--- have you done now Will". What he had ordered in fact was a gross of a gross.

Apparently they lasted all through the war, and were given to any one who had to go into hospital. I have been told that they were thicker by far than the best you can buy today.

  It's Me 20:49 12 Sep 2004

And now I am reminded of the Oh so efficient Manufacturing Director,as she was called,ordering some v. large packing cases at a good price. She needed them for packing exports of knitted garments.

This was a busy firm, but the morning I arrived to continue with the audit( yes we do see life) I was met at the door by the MD. It was strangly quiet, as they had sent everybody home until they had sorted it all out. Apparently they had arrived at 7 am to find a lot of artics delivering the packing cases, the problem being that they were complete and not flat packed and it was drizzing, and it was chaos!

  Valvegrid 21:13 12 Sep 2004

I remember them, they were called Scammell Scarab's. I can remember them in the 50's. Here's a picture of one:

click here

  VoG II 21:17 12 Sep 2004

I remember them too. I had a Dinky one ;o)

  Valvegrid 21:30 12 Sep 2004

Bet you wished you'd kept that Dinky, they're worth quite a bit now.

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