Found a job but jobcenter wont help!!

  charmingman 15:01 27 May 2008

hi all my brother has been out of work for 4 half months & has just found a job with his ex boss, he has no family But called the local job centre to find out if he could get help to travel there to start his job, the job is in france in a location called "Limoges" which he says is amazing, the job centre stated if he was going there for a interview they could help with the "travel to interview" expenses BUT cause he's already informed them he's actaly got the job they wont help him..??
maybe its me but i would of thought that help either way would be adventageous to them,also he's found a flight for £20 via ryanair but the cost of getting to the airport is £50 totaling £70ish,can anyone suggest anything here or has any other knowledge with the job centre..? as his job starts on saturday....

  crosstrainer 15:05 27 May 2008

Contact your local Citizens Advice centre. I remember a scheme for re-location a few years back, and it may well still exist. Job Centre staff are not alway's that clued up on such things.

Also worth contacting his local DHSS office too.

  Horik 15:19 27 May 2008

If he's on JSA (I assume he is) then he could apply for a loan from the Social Fund. He'd need to contact his local Jobcentre Plus about it.

They also do a return to work type thing (sorry, can't remember the name of it offhand), whereby they pay for clothes for a new job etc; unfortunately though you need to have been claiming a benefit for 26 weeks continuously, so it's unlikely that he would qualify for it.

A Social Fund loan is likely to be his best bet.

  bstb3 15:21 27 May 2008

has he spoken to his future employer about this? They may be willing to pay his relocation expenses, or at least contribute to them, even if they are gradually deducted from future pay.

  Jak_1 16:24 27 May 2008

Why do you expect the tax payer to fund his re-location expenses?
You do not state why he was out of work; did he not forsee a problem when accepting a job in another country!

  Forum Editor 16:53 27 May 2008

any friends or family who could get together and find £70 to get him going?

  birdface 17:39 27 May 2008

I see my comment about speaking a foreign language and you will get a car has been removed.Is there something wrong with telling the truth.Or am I in the only town in England where the job center actually does do this.

  Forum Editor 17:58 27 May 2008

You could easily have emailed me, and I would have answered, but as you've chosen to air your irritation in public I'll tell you in public.

Your post was removed because I'm absolutely sick and tired of seeing these same old knee-jerk responses about immigrants every time almost any topic involving benefits or social services crops up. We're all aware that some people want to blame 'foreigners' for pretty well everything that's wrong with their lives, but we don't need constant reminders of it.

Here we have a thread in which someone wants us to pay for his brother to fly to France to take up employment, and he's asking for advice about how that might happen. His brother may or may not be entitled to have his air-fare funded by the taxpayer - I wouldn't know. One thing I do know is that the situation will be moved no nearer to a solution by you saying that he would be driven there by car if he pretended to be a foreigner.

Now you know why I deleted your post. Just so it's clear - I'll delete any more that are in a similar vein.

  birdface 18:58 27 May 2008

Hard to argue with that,I forget sometimes that this is a PC Forum and say what I think instead of being a bit more diplomatic.But it is annoying when you find work.And you go to the people that think can help you and get turned down.Maybe someone in his area may be passing the airport and can give him a lift.

  Totally-braindead 19:06 27 May 2008

I just got a job which starts a week tommorrow and I have had to pay my own expenses for going to interviews, they wouldn't even pay me that and I'm only talking about a fiver to cover a bus fare to a place about 15 miles away.

I can be sent on a course to hone my interview skills if I wish and god knows what that costs and yes if I choose to go I do get my fares as well but I cannot get money to go to an interview.

I do wonder about people getting suits etc from them. I have never got anything and in the past few months looking for work I have fairly regularly had to borrow cash from friends/family to go to interviews.

I have a job now, for the next 3 months at least so at least I don't have to borrow money any more. Your brother has my sympathy for what its worth, I think he will just have to borrow from someone. Thats what I have had to do.

  Forum Editor 23:27 27 May 2008

I knmow what you mean about saying what you think, and 90% of the time I would agree with you. There are times however - as you freely acknowledge - when a little circumspection is a wonderful thing.

Thanks for the response.

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