Forum threads appearing in Google!

  TOPCAT® 13:10 07 Nov 2005

I was quite surprised to see one of mine there after searching an item. Is this because the forums can now be seen around the world without registering first? TC.

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  Forum Editor 13:46 07 Nov 2005

We have opened up the forum threads to search engines, which means that we will probably see a big increase in both site traffic and - hopefully - registrations.

Unregistered people can browse the threads, but can't post, as you're already aware.

  Chegs ® 13:56 07 Nov 2005

I seem to recall reading its approx 48hrs to get the google pages listing a thread.

  TOPCAT® 14:21 07 Nov 2005

disappointed. This second query, if you please, is not related but will save opening another thread.

I have two PCA cookies saved on my computer and its 'cookie cleaners' are configured to leave them there. One is registration - the other for the poll vote. I am finding the poll vote window is staying open when I return to the forums, even after re-voting. I've removed and renewed these cookies but still the window remains open. Can you possibly say why this happens, please? TC.

  Diemmess 17:10 07 Nov 2005

I'm there too! Also as no treat at all there in "another place" is my portrait.

  octal 17:14 07 Nov 2005

From what I remember when the forum was first set up many years ago the search engines did pick up the threads because that's how I stumbled across this forum when I was trying to search for a solution to a problem. Admittedly I had to register to see the thread, but that was a simple matter and I've been here ever since.

  Forum Editor 17:14 07 Nov 2005

we're all famous now.

  stalion 18:19 07 Nov 2005

yes but how many members have we got now?

  Forum Editor 18:35 07 Nov 2005

Just under 178,000

Give us a chance.

  stalion 18:45 07 Nov 2005

thanks, just that I predicted 200,000 by christmas

  mco 18:47 07 Nov 2005

all 178,000 logged on at once?

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