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Forum thread title lengths - an explanation

  Matt Egan 11:31 17 Jun 2015

Hello fellow forum users. I have noticed a (somewhat amusing) trend of people appending additional words and characters to get forum threads up to sufficient lengths. Fair enough. Just wanted to explain why we added the stipulation on threat title length.

We have always had loads of threads with meaningless titles such as 'Please help' and 'Problem with PC' and so on. This means that threads are started and struggle to garner responses. But it also makes it impossible for people to find useful thread responses, searching either from within the site or via a search engine. (The vast majority of visitors to the forum come from Google.)

It is particularly frustrating because in almost every instance the first sentence of the post would make a great title!

So that is what we are trying to address. If you can think of a better way of doing so I would be delighted to hear from you.


  john bunyan 12:47 22 Jun 2015

See what I mean, my silt was a slit!! - or slip...

  LastChip 00:03 23 Jun 2015

While I can see the logic of this, the more rules you make, the more users will slip away.

The KISS principal has rarely been more apt.

The truth is, users (particularly first timers), just want an answer to their question. As frustrating as it may be to PCA (and indeed some of us here), they don't give a monkeys about search or SEO.

Frankly, I refrained from commenting on this new version of your site on launch as I'm fully aware it takes time to develop and iron out bugs. But on using it for a reasonable amount of time now, I find it less than intuitive, the font in posts is down right awful, I can never remember the last post I checked (and therefore where to start again) and when you've still got established members asking how to log in, you have to ask yourself; have we got this right?

  simonjary 06:27 23 Jun 2015

LastChip, users (first timers or not) will more likely have their questions answered if everyone else can quickly see what they're asking! That's why thread titles with more descriptive names than "Help!!!" or "Problem" are desirable.

  AroundAgain 10:06 23 Jun 2015

What about the word "Question:" be pre-set as default in the Subject window, therefore suggesting there needs to be a question put as the title?

Maybe that would help encourage posters to type a question rather than something meaningless?

Just my tuppence worth ;)

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