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Forum thread title lengths - an explanation

  Matt Egan 11:31 17 Jun 2015

Hello fellow forum users. I have noticed a (somewhat amusing) trend of people appending additional words and characters to get forum threads up to sufficient lengths. Fair enough. Just wanted to explain why we added the stipulation on threat title length.

We have always had loads of threads with meaningless titles such as 'Please help' and 'Problem with PC' and so on. This means that threads are started and struggle to garner responses. But it also makes it impossible for people to find useful thread responses, searching either from within the site or via a search engine. (The vast majority of visitors to the forum come from Google.)

It is particularly frustrating because in almost every instance the first sentence of the post would make a great title!

So that is what we are trying to address. If you can think of a better way of doing so I would be delighted to hear from you.


  simonjary 15:37 17 Jun 2015

We also removed tags, on user request, so the title is even more vital for search (internal and external) purposes.



  BT 17:33 17 Jun 2015

It is particularly frustrating because in almost every instance the first sentence of the post would make a great title!

I'm sure its not beyond the realms of possibility to make this the automatic default, with the opportunity for the poster to edit it if necessary. Save having to think of a sensible 25 character title

  morddwyd 19:56 17 Jun 2015

As one who can never think of a long enough title, I thank you for your response, Matt.

I'll try to do better!

  bumpkin 20:04 17 Jun 2015

I have always had to use five words even when others were posting "Help". One member was even arrogant enough to say 3 words are succinct so that is my heading.

  Graham* 23:49 17 Jun 2015

on threat title length

I bet you wish there was an edit facility.

  BT 07:58 18 Jun 2015


I have always had to use five words...

I assume you are referring to the 'old' forum where they suggested you use 5 words. It wasn't compulsory and hence people just posting 'Help'. When it piped up telling you to use 5 words or more you just had to ignore it and it went away ☺

  bumpkin 09:08 18 Jun 2015

BT, thanks for the explanation, that explains things. Instead of ignoring it I making the title 5 words thinking that I had to in order to post.

  bumpkin 09:09 18 Jun 2015

edit "I was"

  Matt Egan 12:22 22 Jun 2015

Graham* ha! Good point. Freudian slit, I believe they call that. As a mod I could edit my post, but I think I like it as it is!

  john bunyan 12:46 22 Jun 2015

Matt Egan

I hesitate to ask what is a Freudian silt ? t's and p's mixed, I suspect!!! Maybe an edit is needed after all!

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