Forum problems post navigation change

  simonjary 06:58 28 Aug 2019

Following your comments, we added back Login and Log Out to the top of all Forum pages, plus My Posts.

We also added in the list of all the forums to make it quicker to move between them without having to go back to the Forums homepage.

The changes to the top navigation are to do with the main parts of the site, and it was not just the Forum links that were moved or reduced. There were too many links in that part of the page, and Google dislikes too many links - most of which were very rarely actually used.

I am concerned that other problems still exist so have started this new thread in Speakers Corner to pick up on these if you can list them here.


Simon Publisher, Tech Advisor

  BT 08:50 04 Sep 2019

One thing that has happened (in my case) since the new design is that I don't actually look at the individual forums unless something catches my attention in the digest at the top of the page, whereas before I would look at each one individually.

  wee eddie 10:13 04 Sep 2019

I think that the main problem with the Digest is that it displays only the first two entries from each Forum. This means that, if there are entries in more than two Threads, some Threads will never reach the Digest.

In my opinion. The Digest should contain a rolling synopsis of the latest 16 Threads, with Postings in them

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