Forum problems post navigation change

  simonjary 06:58 28 Aug 2019

Following your comments, we added back Login and Log Out to the top of all Forum pages, plus My Posts.

We also added in the list of all the forums to make it quicker to move between them without having to go back to the Forums homepage.

The changes to the top navigation are to do with the main parts of the site, and it was not just the Forum links that were moved or reduced. There were too many links in that part of the page, and Google dislikes too many links - most of which were very rarely actually used.

I am concerned that other problems still exist so have started this new thread in Speakers Corner to pick up on these if you can list them here.


Simon Publisher, Tech Advisor

  WhirlingRound 17:28 28 Aug 2019

Nice move Simon. One concern I had was lack of communication between the development team and your FE (Peter), as he didn't know about the changes. I'm sure that's being resolved.

SPAM posts: I made a suggestion about a more streamlined method of reporting, but the thread has long since been buried. All it is, is a button visible to logged in users, for each post to report as spam. that would alert the FE and other moderators for review, hiding the post in the process.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:59 28 Aug 2019

if you had a spam button that hid posts nice as it seems but then trolls would be hitting the button and hiding all posts.

  WhirlingRound 18:05 28 Aug 2019

The system could hide the posts after a number of reports have been submitted. Each logged in user could only report each post once.

Every time a user clicks the report button, the system could be monitoring their reporting activity to prevent further abuse.

  Quickbeam 18:15 28 Aug 2019

You could have a trusted contributor button that hides spam until the FE can verify the spam. There's probably only about a dozen regulars that report it anyway.

  simonjary 20:15 28 Aug 2019

Thanks, and keep the comments coming. Does the forum work on all browsers - please mention id you are using an ad blocker as that will affect cookies etc for obvious reasons. We try to keep the experience the same but ad blockers will mean multiple logins and GDPR banner consents.

We do apologise for not properly consulting with FE and the forum regulars before the changes, and we are trying to cover the requests as we can - while sticking to the original needs of the changes.


  AroundAgain 20:36 28 Aug 2019

Would it be possible / acceptable to have a 'Like' or 'Agree' button on each post?

Many times, when reading posts, I would like to say I 'agree' or particularly 'like' a post but don't feel I want to post just to say 'I like/agree with this'

Just a thought ...

  Menzie 20:58 28 Aug 2019

I dislike the Like / Dislike buttons used by many forums.

Reading some other sites where there is a discussion results in posts just being downvoted. I prefer someone having to actually interact.

I can see the Speakers Corner thread on politics now if such a thing was implemented.

  WhirlingRound 21:12 28 Aug 2019

That's ok simon. It works on Firefox and Chrome for me. I do use an Adblocker, ublock origin, which gives the option to block JavaScript. Currently I'm running on Linux Mint, for when W7 support stops support come January next year.

I sometimes use Firefox on Android, but was put off by the ads. If there are a reasonable number on the site, and page download times can still remain reasonable, I'm more likely to disable my ad blocker for PCA.

A recent annoyance for me and a few others was the persistent loading of a video on every page (with JavaScript enabled). That happened with Windows, but I haven't noticed it on Linux. What's the situation with these?

It is much appreciated you stepping in with this thread, as we're the ones using it, and at least we've got someone who will take on board our views / opinions / constructive criticisms etc.

  Belatucadrus 09:40 30 Aug 2019

Somewhat surprised that the Beta testing forum survived the redesign, it's been years since anything new was offered and so far in 2019 it's dead in the water.

  simonjary 14:17 31 Aug 2019

We may well have a cull on the forums. Beta Testing can be used when required. Consumer Rights is also little used.

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