Forum login problems after server switch

  simonjary 08:05 27 Aug 2013


We are experiencing some problems with the forums (as you might have noticed!), following yesterday's switch to new servers.

Some people are having trouble logging in to post on the forums, and we apologise for this.

In the meantime please be aware that we are working to fix this problem.


Simon Jary


  Nontek 08:42 27 Aug 2013

No problems here in sunny Southsea.

  Nontek 08:44 27 Aug 2013

WOW!!! This is what I tried to Post, not just that one sentence .... ???

No problems here in sunny Southsea.

I spoke too soon - when I tried to Post the above response I got Site Error, so it did not Post!

Strange thing is, I have NOT been having problems with the Site until now!

Will try now to re-post this Response .... (if there was a sign for crossed fingers, I would include it now)

  Nontek 08:49 27 Aug 2013

BTW - the above successful Post required several attempts to achieve!

  wee eddie 09:18 27 Aug 2013

I was going to post "What's the excuse this time" but The man got it in first.

What I cannot understand is the Advertising Logic here at PCA Towers.

We, using IE, are bogged down with Adverts. So much so that many have been driven to move to other providers so that they can turn off the Adverts.

To me that appears to be a self defeating policy.

Why not just have a reasonable volume of Advertising, enough to earn a living, but not so much that it forces us to use software to remove all Advertising from our Screen.

  alanrwood 11:04 27 Aug 2013

It is also as slow as can be taking up to half a minute to register a post leading to duplicate posts.

  Woolwell 12:21 27 Aug 2013

It would have been good to have had some notice of the switch. As it was I assumed that PCA was suffering from "normal" problems.

  Nontek 15:20 27 Aug 2013


Seems to be working fine at this moment!

  Chronos the 2nd 15:29 27 Aug 2013

Is this the time of the year when 'essential maintenance' causes all sorts of problems for a few weeks?

  simonjary 15:57 27 Aug 2013

Everyone is working extremely hard here to sort things out, and the development guys were up till 3am last night after working their Bank Holiday – so please be assured that we're doing all we can.

We picked the August Bank Holiday as it's one of the quieter times of the year, and the eventual result should be a more robust platform.

You'll laugh but I did try to post warning of the switch beforehand but the post (from my mobile) didn't work! Ha Ha he cried...



  Forum Editor 18:37 27 Aug 2013

Chronos the 2nd

Reassuring to see that you've posted your usual sarcastic comment. Swapping a site of this size (there's far more to it than the forums) from one server to another isn't a walk in the park, and as Simon has already mentioned, people were up intl the early hours on Bank holiday Monday trying to get the changeover done.

Once the site has settled down on the new hardware it will run faster, so let's give the team a chance.

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