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  donki 10:04 13 Apr 2007

Just thinken that this is a great Forum, Ive had so much help and the odd heated argument on here. Why dont PCAdviser give it a revamp? I dont mean make it more complicated as I liek the simple layout and topic heading.I was thinken maybe more information on the members; computer spec, number of posts, how long they had been a member, somekind of ranking even. I feel this would help new members see who had good experience whos advice they could trust. The computer spec would allow at a glace what the problem could be, and ask other members if they were having similar problems? I think I did hear this suggestion a while back but their wasnt a response. I must repeat I wouldnt want the forum losing its simplicity.

  [email protected] 10:22 13 Apr 2007

donki i think other members have suggested a similar thing to this before,i am not sure other memebers would agree aout "more information on the members" as most of them would like to remain anonymous & its for there security as well,theres nothing wrong with a date attatched to there nae allowing people to see there start date from but any more would be a big NO NO,good idea though

  anskyber 10:23 13 Apr 2007

It's coming, perhaps to a computer near you very soon.

The FE ran a thread towards the end of last year asking for suggestions and I have a feeling that the current rather patchy performance of the site over the last week or so might relate to the up and coming changes.

  HondaMan 11:38 13 Apr 2007

that my connection to the PCA site has been very hit and miss over the past week or so. Other sites seem OK, its just this one. Is something afoot, I ask myself?

  Input Overload 11:41 13 Apr 2007

I really hope PCA don't go the way that donki has suggested, I like it the way it is.

  johndrew 12:02 13 Apr 2007

`.. patchy performance of the site over the last week or so ..`

I hope it improves soon. It is getting to the state where by the time I`ve typed a post it`s thrown me out!!!

  anskyber 12:07 13 Apr 2007

Indeed. Until it calms down I've copied and pasted my longer contributions to avoid an inappropriate blood pressure reaction to being dumped.

Adds to the excitement levels, can I post in time?(!)

  €dstowe 12:19 13 Apr 2007

The day I am ranked in any way whatsoever (length of time of membership, usefulness of contributions, number of posts) is the day I say goodbye.

It is totally unnecessary and unhelpful to reveal any information about contributors here unless they want to offer it of their own free will. The value of advice given is monitored automatically by other members (if you post wrong or rubbish advice, you will soon be told about it).

  Kate B 12:20 13 Apr 2007

No, no, no, no. I really like the no-frills interface here. The only thing on my wishlist is being able to go straight to the last unread post in a thread. No to specs, sigs, smileys, avatars and all the other visual rubbish.

  powerless 12:30 13 Apr 2007

Scalability problem?

  Colin 12:35 13 Apr 2007

In my opinion this is one of the better forums. It is controlled well and the lay out is good. As with Kate B, I would like to be able to go straight to the last post in a thread. On some other forums, if you put your mouse over the header, a small box appears showing the beginning of the thread. I think this would be useful.

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