Is This Forum Genuine?

  morddwyd 10:21 25 Nov 2011

Forums are being manipulated

So that's why fourm member so often plays the devil's advocate.

He's a ringer, trying to skew the debate!

  johndrew 10:25 25 Nov 2011

"So that's why fourm member so often plays the devil's advocate."

Ably supported by .......?

  Aitchbee 10:29 25 Nov 2011

I don't know about any other forums, because this is the only one, to which I contribute.

I take everyone's comments with a 'pinch of salt', and I hope my comments are treated likewise.

  Marko797 10:29 25 Nov 2011

The article suggests 'Fakes are more likely to start new comment threads, make inane comments rather than add to a debate, and repeat former comments with minor changes'...could have been written about you, morddwyd, with your incessant (& inane) postings.

Reap what you sow.

  morddwyd 10:51 25 Nov 2011


Maths is not my strongest point, but my calculations would appear to indicate that you average one post a day, and I average two.

Inane they might be (but inanity is in the eye of the beholder!) but incessant?

There are much stronger contenders for "inane and incessant"!

  Marko797 11:00 25 Nov 2011

but my calculations would appear to indicate that you average one post a day

Strange that, I haven't been on here to post for at least a couple of months. I just don't have the time, frankly, but today is an exception...unless of course you can provide me with the post links/dates etc, to put me straight?

'Maths is not my strongest point' - clearly this is true, but I might add that you appear to have an overactive imagination.

  interzone55 11:06 25 Nov 2011

People have been paid to post favourable reviews for products for a long time.

We get lots of Spam posters here, but FE's silver deleting mouse is usually very rapid. Other forums (as I've found out recently) are not so rapid with their deletions, and threads can soon get poisoned by idiots who simply want to stir up trouble to skew threads away from the original post if it's complaining about a company or criticising a politician...

  carver 11:08 25 Nov 2011

Please, it's beginning to look like you two are actually the same person with a split personalty disorder.

And you both start your handles with the same initial, can you please verify that you are not really bots trying to be human.

  morddwyd 11:08 25 Nov 2011

Simply divided the number of days you have been a member into the number of posts made, and did the same for myself.

Mind you, those damned decimal points do have a habit of turning up in the wrong place.

  Forum Editor 11:14 25 Nov 2011

If you're running a forum, and you know what to look for it's remarkably easy to spot fake posts. In almost eleven years of online life we have seen fakers come - and rapidly go- by the hundred.

Snide allusions to regular contributors in our forum say more about the carpers than about the people they don't like. Be warned that I will take immediate action to remove anyone who makes abusive comments or allegations about individual forum members.

  Quickbeam 11:24 25 Nov 2011

"A thread titled "Junpeng Jia, your mother asked you to go back home for dinner!" received over 300,000 replies over a two day period."

We're mere amateurs with the likes of the 'tinned tomatoes' nonsense compared to that sort of response!

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