Forum flying toninght.

  rdave13 00:19 27 Feb 2013

I don't know what the boffins have done, or if this post is in the right forum, but PCA is back to its old speed. It's bliss to be able to change forums, refresh, and almost instantaneously it works without the long script.

  rdave13 00:23 27 Feb 2013

Well it's better any way. Slowing a bit now.

  rdave13 00:29 27 Feb 2013

Even "my post" is quick to load. Keep it up :)

  rdave13 09:56 27 Feb 2013

Don't know about the script (comes up in Firefox usually) but still better at loading pages for me.

  Forum Editor 11:31 27 Feb 2013

"I don't know what the boffins have done"

This really highlights our problem, because as far as I am aware we have have done nothing in terms of altering anything in the past 24 hours that would account for your experience.

The truth is that performance can vary considerably from day to day, and at different times of the day and night. This is invariably connected with site traffic, and the fact that at twenty past midnight, when you posted your comments, American office workers are shutting up shop for the day and heading home; their business emails have all been sent, the Eastern seaboard markets have closed, and the American e-commerce machine is slowing. VISA servers can begin to cool as the millions of day-time transactions start to decline. Internet traffic volumes drop in the couple of hours between Americans leaving their work and hitting the web for a bit of night-time bandwidth consumption.

Track the sun as the earth rotates, and you'll have an idea of how internet bandwidth requirements are directly related to daylight business hours and evening relaxation sessions.

I'm not saying that this was definitely the reason for your good experience, but I'm willing to bet it was a big part of it.

  rdave13 11:53 27 Feb 2013

The thing was it happened suddenly, that's why I noticed. It's still good. No doubt that global traffic can affect things as you say but to that extent? I'm just wondering if it's at my end that something has changed or to do with my ISP? I haven't altered any settings and the latest updates I've just installed now. I'm certainly not complaining :)

  Forum Editor 14:04 27 Feb 2013

It may simply be one of those 'who knows?' situations. I've worked with web servers and networks for a long time, and I've learnt to accept that where performance is concerned there are sometimes no discernible causes for slow or fast page loading.

Let's enjoy the sun while it shines.

  pavvi 15:04 27 Feb 2013

My biggest bug bear with the forum is the fact that it is based on flash based software which makes it pretty difficult to access. I use a mac and as Apple and Adobe have some issues I often have to restart safari to access anything with flash like youtube and Facebook. This is the only forum I have to restart safari to get it running at times. Even then it will refresh itself before I can access any of the threads or change pages.

  Phil Ocifer 15:35 27 Feb 2013

Seems to be a little faster for me too.

Quote: " . . . as far as I am aware we have have done nothing in terms of altering anything in the past 24 hours . . . "

I just wondered, perhaps a particularly "heavy" advert or piece of coding has disappeared out of the conglomeration of various site(s) due to it's contract expiring?

  Forum Editor 16:27 27 Feb 2013


We don't use any Flash on the forums, but some of the ads are Flash files.

I've just been running through the forums using Safari 5.1.7 for Windows, and so far I haven't experienced any problems at all.

  bremner 16:44 27 Feb 2013

I usually access the site using an iPad and unless i turn off Javacript the site is virtually unusable.

The latest bugbear being the Nissan Leaf advert putting black borders on each side reducing the size of the thread text.

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