forum editor, my recommend for OBC

  aine 20:30 03 Jan 2009

forum editor could you put forward to the new years honours list. TechnoTiger. he should get the OBC ( order of british computers). this gentleman has more patience that a saint.He has spent days on the problem I had and at last it has been solved. Well done TechnoTiger.

  bluto1 21:49 03 Jan 2009

Yes, Technotiger, it's good to see accolades like that passed around and good of you to do it aine. Could be the start of something? FE's Birthday Honours and New Years Honours list. Why not? There are a lot of good folk out there.

  laurie53 07:56 04 Jan 2009

And how many would get in a huff because they, or their favourites, didn't get an award?

Just like Brucey!

Give the plaudits by all means, and I would certainly echo the one already given, and suggest some more, but I would think that the FE might not particularly relish another chance to be unpopular in some parts!

  Pine Man 09:17 04 Jan 2009

This has been suggested before and ruled out.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:47 04 Jan 2009

Two (or more) heads are better than one.

A lot of problems are solved by "team" effort, everyone chipping away at it alittle bit at a time until the problem has gone away.


  Forum Editor 11:21 04 Jan 2009

from someone who has received a high level of support from a single forum member, and of course Technotiger has been with us for a long time.

Whilst we're always very grateful to anyone who sacrifices his or her spare time to help a complete stranger in this way we have always been of the opinion that it's wrong for us to contemplate a system that singles individuals out for any kind of official elevated status. That would create an atmosphere in which some people would feel the need to compete, and others might feel an unwelcome pressure. We're not interested in contributing to the creation of status levels of any kind, and for that reason we've avoided doing that lots of forums do, and awarding stars, or silly titles like 'God' to people, based on the length of their forum membership, or on the number of posts they've made.

This is going to remain as near to an egalitarian society as we can manage - every forum member has equal status when it comes to helping or advising others, although quite naturally we acknowledge that there are some members who have made considerable contributions over the years. They know who they are, and so do we.

  Quickbeam 11:50 04 Jan 2009

Is there a member registered as 'God'...?
And if not, I wonder how long before someone takes it;)

  Forum Editor 12:01 04 Jan 2009

Somebody tried to register that name over seven years ago, but I saw trouble coming, so I invalidated the name on our database.

  Quickbeam 12:14 04 Jan 2009

it seems you're a soothsayer too;)

  Cymro. 13:43 04 Jan 2009

I would have though it was better to just send someone who had helped you a personal Email via the forum. It would show your appreciation of their help and would be a nice personal touch. Mind you I must try to remember to do so the next time I am helped by someone on this forum as it happens often enough.

On second thoughts I hope no one uses the Email system of this forum every time they disagree with something someone else has said in Speakers Corner as the whole Email system could grind to a stop through over use.

  Bingalau 14:07 04 Jan 2009

I thought we had a God... in the form of "Clapton is God".

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