Forum Editor addresses PC Advisor editorial meeting! (spoof)

  Flak999 16:49 12 May 2014

I have been asked by our Füh.... Forum Editor to post a link to the spoof Hitler video I made. It seems he likes it too! :-)

Forum Editor addresses PC Advisor editorial meeting! (spoof)

Thankfully, I am not about to be shot at dawn!

So for those who haven't seen it, and you want a chuckle, here it is.

1]: [click here

  john bunyan 16:59 12 May 2014

As Brumas would say, "Well Done".

  carver 17:25 12 May 2014

Flak999 fame at last, and no you are not to be shot at dawn, far to early, how about noon.

  Forum Editor 17:41 12 May 2014

Let me hasten to add that this brightened up a Monday morning for a few of us in the command bunker.

Nobody is offended, and nobody should be offended - it is just Flak999 demonstrating his ability to see some humour in our sometimes robust debating exchanges.

  Brumas 22:18 12 May 2014

Flak999, Gut Gemacht I'm still chuckling ;o}

  carver 06:52 14 May 2014

Beta "Nothing new here" sorry but it's the first time that certain forum members have been mentioned in a video spoof that has been very well thought out and edited.

I have seen it done a few times with this video and this one is good.

Flak999 carry on the good work.

  Quickbeam 07:13 14 May 2014

I suppose that we always knew the flak would come up one day...

  Forum Editor 07:32 14 May 2014

Matt Egan says he feels that Flak999 has captured something of the essence of me.

I'm not sure what he means, and I guess none of you are, either.

  carver 08:31 14 May 2014

Forum Editor Didn't know you wore glasses, see we learn some thing every day.

  flycatcher1 16:06 14 May 2014

Reminded me of some Staff Meetings that I attended in the old days.

  kad292 16:20 14 May 2014

One of my favourite movies,still think the FE ? should have won an Oscar for that performance.

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