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  [email protected] 17:27 10 Oct 2007

I`m back visiting the forums, first here over 6 years ago. It`s still probably the best place for advice and I widely say so.

Question: Is the FE, China of old ? Or has the job passed to someone else ?

  Legolas 17:48 10 Oct 2007

Its still your old china

  Earthsea 17:57 10 Oct 2007

On Sundays he likes to be called Susan.

  Legolas 17:59 10 Oct 2007

Shhh that was supposed to be a secret

  [email protected] 18:01 10 Oct 2007

Legolas you`re still about too, fantastic. At least I know I`m advising people to come here correctly if you lot are still about !

  Forum Editor 18:04 10 Oct 2007

Welcome back.

  Legolas 18:13 10 Oct 2007

I,m still here although I,m afraid I don't remember your name,is it the same one you used when you used to frequent these hallowed halls before?

  [email protected] 18:17 10 Oct 2007

Hi China, still quite a lot us doing medical research thanks to you though a lot of the old crew , hob etc., have retired.

I aint forgot you were the one who actually kicked us all off crunching.

UD has of course finished as did FaD but we`re mostly at WCG now which is IBM backed.

  [email protected] 18:19 10 Oct 2007

Legolas that`ll be age...I was carl.h

Georgemac is still here I note and a few of the other old names.

  Legolas 18:27 10 Oct 2007

Ah I remember carl.h Welcome back

  Forum Editor 19:33 10 Oct 2007

on the medical research front - it's great to hear that you're still in there.

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