The Forum Clock

  Quickbeam 19:50 29 Apr 2010

is currently about 10 minutes fast.


  Quickbeam 19:51 29 Apr 2010

It's fifteen minutes fast on the above post... anyone got a new battery?

  MAT ALAN 20:00 29 Apr 2010

Blackberry ad, even muckin about with the clock now HO HUM!!!!

  Quickbeam 20:06 29 Apr 2010

It'll be time to get up for work in a minute, and I haven't gone to bed yet!

Posting at 20:47

  interzone55 21:10 29 Apr 2010

Testing the time
I'm posting this at 21:09:30

  interzone55 21:11 29 Apr 2010

Well it seems to have been fixed

  Forum Editor 22:44 29 Apr 2010

It should fix itself, and apparently it has.

  Quickbeam 00:36 30 Apr 2010

Just testing at 00:33

  Quickbeam 00:39 30 Apr 2010

I feared that I might miss the bank holiday and be back at work before just the winter set in again.. and miss the heatwave...

  ronalddonald 06:55 30 Apr 2010

Quickbeam Quick look out for the time coz times are changing real Quick so start showing of your powerful beam so that we can see the time too.

c u at teatime

  Quickbeam 08:20 30 Apr 2010

08:20 precisly

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