Formula 1 seeks to be better

  peter99co 11:16 25 Feb 2011

by design

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In a bid to improve overtaking, this coming season drivers will be able to adjust their car's rear wing while on the track, if they are within a second of the car in front and within a 600 metre zone on a straight.

Can't wait

  MAJ 11:30 25 Feb 2011

I haven't got excited about an upcoming Grand Prix in many, many years, peter99co, it has gotten just so boring, let's hope your optimism is realised.

  carver 13:53 25 Feb 2011

Last F1 I watched saw the start, fell asleep when I woke after about 45 minutes the cars were just in the same position, so boring.

  Chris the Ancient 14:18 25 Feb 2011

... but KERS is back again as well.

I appreciate that F1 is not everybody's cup of tea as a sport and that they find it boring. However, aficionados of the sport do actually appreciate what is going on - even when it seems like a procession. They should be happier this year with a lot of very good cars and drivers taking part.

For those that find it boring - or whatever - don't watch it. Simplez. I don't like horse racing or football, which millions of others do, so I don't watch it or spend hours slagging it off. When such subjects crop up in conversation, I point out politely that it is not my scene and keep quiet; thus letting its devotees have a conversation of interest to them between themselves.

  interzone55 14:30 25 Feb 2011

If you want boring watch US car racing, they just drive 500 times round an oval...

  Chris the Ancient 14:52 25 Feb 2011

Never watched it because of what little (very) I've seen of it, it does look boring.

  interzone55 15:04 25 Feb 2011

It's the kind of sport that just cries out for a highlights program.

I've seen a few races, including the famous Indy 500, and the bulk of the race is a procession of cars zooming past your eyes for hours on end.
To be fair there is a good amount of overtaking, with cars dropping down the banked oval to pass a stream of cars then join at the front - it's rather like watching migrating geese with a the front bird falling back and another taking the lead position.
Really though, it's a three hour race that can easily be condensed into 20 minutes.

I suppose the biggest difference between US racing and F1 is that there have been a number of quite successful female drivers in the US series...

  morddwyd 19:37 25 Feb 2011

"I suppose the biggest difference between US racing and F1 is that there have been a number of quite successful female drivers in the US series..."

If that's the biggest difference you can find between US racing and F1, I suggest you study them a little more.

There are much greater differences than that.

  carver 19:53 25 Feb 2011

If you want to see some decent racing then this is the thing to watch click here

  polish 20:58 25 Feb 2011

i have watched f1 since 1992 and it is a sport you like or dont but there is alot more to it than you may think other than just seeing the cars going around the circuit the tv doesnt do it justice to see the cars live and see the speed and how late these cars brake for corners and not forgetting the noise is something else

  ams4127 21:36 25 Feb 2011

My daughter is getting married in November. She wants to spend her honeymoon in the hotel spanning the race track in Abu Dhabi, during the week the GP is on!!!

Sometimes one can really hate children...!

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