A form of home-made "virus"

  bluto1 22:59 09 Mar 2006

Recently I`ve received a number of e-mails from close friends with attachments of one sort and another, all asking the recipient to pass them on to " X " more people. I suspect most of you out there have received them too. In most of the cases I`ve ignored the "pass on" instruction at "my own peril", but when I thought about it I felt that, although each e-mail had been scanned and declared clear, this is a form of virus in itself, with the same message being transmitted to thousands of computers. A type of "passive" virus.
Any opinions?

  SG Atlantis® 23:15 09 Mar 2006

chain mail.

No, they are just a bloody nuisance and it ends up as bad as spammers are in clogging up the system.

However if they come with attachments or the like don't open them, infact I don't even bother to read them at all.

The last time I changed my email address I deliberately forgot to give the so called friends the new email addy that kept sending them.

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