Forgot To Add BBC News Link

  Paul-1379466 22:08 24 Mar 2010
  tullie 22:30 24 Mar 2010

You should have put it in original thread.Not open a new one.

  peter99co 22:36 24 Mar 2010

Serves them right!

  Paul-1379466 22:38 24 Mar 2010

tullie, yes I am aware of that & I didn't drop off a Christmas tree or gain internet access yesterday.

  peter99co 22:43 24 Mar 2010

Just got out of bed on the wrong side?

  lotvic 00:30 25 Mar 2010

There now don't fret anymore - I've put your link on your other thread for you

  morddwyd 07:05 25 Mar 2010

"or gain internet access yesterday."

No, but some of us did, and had no idea what your second thread was on about.

  Paul-1379466 08:40 25 Mar 2010

Thank you lotvic, it's been a long week. 'Purple Sky has Senior Moment' - You might be right there. Lost the plot.

  Kevscar1 09:07 25 Mar 2010

Purple Sky
Lost the Plot.
Don.'t worry I am sure that must be one of your Basic Human Rights however don't admit it again or Gordon and Alistair might slap a tax on it.

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