morddwyd 08:26 05 May 2012

Why won't Forget-me-Knots grow anywhere were I am around?

In forty years of married quarters around the world I've lived with various soils in various climates but Forget-me-Nots don't bloom for me.

Even when I've taken over a quarter where they have already been flourishing they have died off within a couple of years.

They are virtually weeds which grow wild, but not anywhere where I am around.

  Aitchbee 09:15 05 May 2012

I had the same problem with my alpine strawberries last year.

  spuds 10:35 05 May 2012

Shouting at plants get you no where. Ask Prince Charles for advice :O)

  john bunyan 12:00 05 May 2012

Have a look at these,they will let you see them without dying on you! Close">">Close Ups

  john bunyan 12:01 05 May 2012
  john bunyan 12:02 05 May 2012

Sorry. I found good close ups but the link seems to go to the home page.

  OTT_B 14:20 05 May 2012

Sorry. I found good close ups but the link seems to go to the home page.

Morddwyd clicked the link. It stopped working.

  rawprawn 16:20 05 May 2012

You can have some of mine they spread all over

  morddwyd 18:37 05 May 2012

Exactly. They're virtually weeds, but they don't like my presence.

Now if it worked with dandelions I could go into business!

  rawprawn 09:01 06 May 2012

morddwyd No matter where you are in the world, if we wait long enough I'm sure that mine will eventually reach you. They are like the Taliban, they pop up all over the place.

  Brumas 09:23 06 May 2012


If you are free could you possibly come and sit in my garden to get rid of ours. I could provide you with a tiny fishing rod and a pointy hat so that you could sit over the koi pond at the same time scaring next door's cat off ;o}

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