Forget Android phones and iPhones. Would you consider buying a Ubuntu phone?

  PC Advisor 14:56 09 Feb 2015

The Ubuntu phone is official, but would you ditch iOS or Android for Ubuntu? Have your say in our poll and let us know your thoughts below.

(For those of you who answered What's a Ubuntu phone? Here's what.)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:07 09 Feb 2015

looks like I'm first voter

Yes for me have used Ubuntu without problems.

Nobody had used Android now currently its the most popular system for phones.

You cares about the op system as long as you canget the phone to do what you want easily.

  Joseph Kerr 20:55 09 Feb 2015

I don't see why I wouldn't consider one. I'm due an upgrade in May, so if there's one available to look at I may do so. Size is a concern for me though, and I reject many phones for that reason alone.

  Forum Editor 06:19 10 Feb 2015

"He also said Ubuntu phone wasn't aimed at iPhone users, who have an "emotional connection" with the ecosystem."

I have an emotional connection with my iPhone because it's quite simply the best phone I've ever used - and I've used a lot. It will take something pretty special to shift me, but I must say I do like the dual micro sim aspect of the Ubuntu phone's specification.

  Quickbeam 09:02 10 Feb 2015

The dual sim looks like a winner for me. I now use only 4G BB so the option to have data and talk plan SIMs in one device appeals to me.

  Quickbeam 10:35 10 Feb 2015

I've just been on their site, I'm well impressed with what I see.

  IlyaCrols 16:59 10 Feb 2015

Long-time Ubuntu user here (2006-now). Always been very happy with their (Canonical) products (both personal and professional use) and the community is amazing. Been very hesitant about trying the mobile OS on my current android phone (it's an old unsupported model), so I'm gonna buy me an official phone. Would've preferred a higher res screen on the first phones, but I'll manage :-)

  Pine Man 18:58 10 Feb 2015

Like the FE I also have an emotional connection with my iPhone.

As a recent convert to an iMac I can't think of a better phone to use in connection with it other than an iPhone so a definite NO to Ubuntu.

  SparkyJack 16:26 12 Feb 2015

Not a smartphone user myself, if I were Ubuntu would be fine by me Three out of five machines in this house are Linux including Ubuntu.

  LastChip 23:27 12 Feb 2015

Unquestionably, yes.

Although I don't personally use Ubuntu (I prefer Linux Mint and Debian), I have no doubt about Canonical's commitment to userbility and quality of code. It's likely I'd get a seamless connection across devices that can do much more than the current offerings. The fact that it's unlocked and doesn't present a whole load of manufacturers or phone company apps you can't get rid of, is a huge bonus.

Canonical is a very innovative company, that is well ahead of the competition.

  Quickbeam 11:10 13 Feb 2015

I have an emotional aversion to all iThings...

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