Forget 3D TV

  Kevscar1 07:32 03 Jun 2010

Which one of you will be the first for this.

click here

  martjc 09:22 03 Jun 2010

The first black & white tvs were abysmal. The first colour ones simply awful. First HD models were still a bit hit & miss. All technologies, if they're to survive, must improve as they go on. I, for one, won't buy such an item as 3d tv or 3d pc until it's been tried and tested in the wild. Beside this, the costs will come down after a year or so. I'll put up with what I've got until then.

  john bunyan 09:53 03 Jun 2010

Nor me. The developers are now talking of a hologram "TV" that could bring solid looking images in - imagine a rowdy soccer team in your lounge. It works by somehow creating a "cloud" in which the images appear.

  john bunyan 09:55 03 Jun 2010

See here also

click here

  rawprawn 10:24 03 Jun 2010

3D TV, Huh.
We can't even get Freeview here yet!

  Quickbeam 11:32 03 Jun 2010

It's wasted on me, so is HD. I tend to be surfing or reading a book while I watch TV, I rarely give it full attention.

  Joseph Kerr 11:48 03 Jun 2010

im just about with you there forum member.

and dopwn with 3d tv!

  Colin 19:13 03 Jun 2010

The fact that you need to wear special glasses to watch a 3D TV will put a lot of people off. I understand that 3D TV's will come with 2 pairs and extra ones will be around £100. I appreciate that prices will fall but it just seems like too much hassle at the moment. I have a traditional CRT TV which I'm quite happy with. My brother has a 42" Samsung HD TV with Sky HD and while it's a lot better, it still hasn't persuaded me to change my TV.

  ronalddonald 19:25 03 Jun 2010

£2166.70 or higher hmm, i little to steep when here a credit crunch

  [email protected] 16:02 04 Jun 2010

is nothing new. It came installed on my computer when I upgraded it back in 2008, only I don't have a 120Hz monitor or the glasses to be able to utilize it.

  anchor 13:45 06 Jun 2010

I read a review in this months edition of a rival PC magazine.

The model reviewed cost £3500, with 2 pairs of special glasses. Additional glasses cost £100 a pair. Too rich for me.

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