Ford worst for MoT failures?

  OTT_B 16:38 13 Jan 2010

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"Lies, lies and statistics" springs to mind.

VOSA was right to resist publication because the figures couold be misleading. More journalistic pap. shakes fist angrily>

  Teaboy 17:28 13 Jan 2010

Failure of MOT test has nothing at all to do with who manufactures the vehicle. Proper maintenance is what is required! To be frank no vehicle should ever fail its MOT-mine doesn't, and it is a Ford.

  peter99co 17:43 13 Jan 2010

A girl who worked in our office had a car fail it's MOT and she took the bill to the servicing dept and told them to pay it. She successfully argued they had allowed the vehicle to fall below MOT standard. It was a Ford Mondeo. Her case was that she expected them to properly maintain it during it's normal servicing visits and they had not done so.

  Al94 17:50 13 Jan 2010

Good argument - well done that girl!

  ulrich 18:28 13 Jan 2010

Year 1997. No problems. The young lady should have been shown the service book. A lot depends what it failed on, fair enough if it was serviced before its MOT and then fails on the brakes, they should have picked this up depending on the service. There again an MOT is no guarantee.
Iy seems stange to me the more I think about it.

  mark2 18:43 13 Jan 2010

Many services now are in excess of 12,000 mls, or 12mths, certainly 2002 diesel fiesta services are now at 12,500 or annually, so many people now are treating their Mot as a replacement for a service. Even then they seem to think because something passed last year it should pass this year as they haven't done many miles. I've recently been failing vehicles on which I'd issued an advisory on last year, and they still argue! An advisory is just that, advice, something is borderline /close to the limit and needs rectifying and is unlikely to last for long.

  mark2 18:50 13 Jan 2010

click here for the sort of problems that crop up on mots, there are some things you cannot predict a service life for, coil springs, for instance, other items such as diesel emissions test can be influenced by driving style.

  OTT_B 19:00 13 Jan 2010

It comes down to mileage and service history in the end. Transits and Mondeos, for example, are sold as high mileage fleet vehicles. By the time they're three years old they've chewed through the brakes and they require replacement. Without knowing the detailed info behind the cause of failure, the results are utterly meaningless.

There are also a number of vehicles missing from the analysis as well. The BMW 3 Series, for example. Because each engine variant is listed as a separate model, none have acheived high enough sales volume to be included in the BBC rubbish. If you tally them up, the combined average failure rate is around 19%. Equivelant to that of a VW Golf or Vauxhall Zafira, apparently.

  interzone55 21:27 13 Jan 2010

"Failure of MOT test has nothing at all to do with who manufactures the vehicle"

Absolutely not true I'm afraid, I had a car less than 6months old that failed its MOT...

  KremmenUK 07:13 14 Jan 2010 don't need an MOT until the car is 3 years old!

  Quickbeam 07:19 14 Jan 2010

New commercials have to have an MOT, and if not prepared can fail straight from new delivery.

It's all down to service and maintenance. I saw a young woman being pulled by the police lately for what I thought was for driving with no lights on as she had already passed me a mile earlier. As I passed there were no break lights as she quickly stopped, no rear lights on, one nearside parking light and no other front lights. Is that the makers fault...?

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