Footwear !!

  spuds 14:27 15 Aug 2009

Many years ago, the UK especially the Midlands were reknown for the manufacture of good quality footwear. But nowadays it seems that most footwear is imported, even though it might carry old established branded names, something which most people may have trusted and relied on.

What are your experiences with footwear (all types) over the past few years, because it would be interesting to know.

  Brumas 15:01 15 Aug 2009

I'll start with the old war-cry 'In the old days' you bought shoes with a leather sole if you were well-off or shoes with a synthetic sole if you weren't. The synthetic soles felt rubbery to the touch, were flexible and lasted quite well considering the amount of daily punishment young kids, leading an active outdoor life, meted out to them.
My daughter bought me pair of fur-lined winter boots a couple of years ago and the soles appear to be made of plastic and, when you walk in them sound as such, they are not flexible and it makes you feel as though you are walking in clogs!!

  oldbeefer2 15:14 15 Aug 2009

'Many years ago, the UK especially the Midlands were reknown for the manufacture of good quality footwear' - and cars, and motor bikes, amd steel, and carpets, and tyres and, and, and.....

  lofty29 15:43 15 Aug 2009

Ansdsoon someone will say, "stop living in the past, we cannot compete anymore,". The point is yes we do not seem able to compete with other countries, I can undestand places like china where they live virtually on peanuts and their wages match, but why cannot we compete with places like Germany and the USA, their wages are higher than ours, our workers can, on a level playing field, perform as well as they can, so where does the fault lay, why has our industrial base been destroyed, and more to the point, seeing as our balance of payments with the rest of the world is so massively bad, how long can things carry on with the UK being so much in debt to other countries.

  peter99co 16:23 15 Aug 2009

My latest are from Spain in soft leather uppers and synthetic flexible sole. Glove fit and comfortable.
I had some Leather Brogues from Northampton once but they cost a fortune to sole and heel. Had them done once but they wore through to quick for my liking.
My favourites are Hush Puppies. I don't think I have visited a cobbler since the 80's

Does anyone recall TUF boots?

  jack 16:28 15 Aug 2009

Yes and TUF shoes made in Bristol I seem to recall.
I had a pair of shoes for work- cost £2.10/-
Then approximately a days wages.
A reasonable pair shoes[not crap trainers] costs about the same to-day - An average days wages.
Nothing much has changed it seems

  Chegs ®™ 17:11 15 Aug 2009

I recall being given a hiding for ruining my umpteenth pair of "market-stall" cheapo shoes.I was running into town down a steep brick path when the side of 1 shoe burst open.I had been bugging my parents to buy me a pair of Dr Marten boots for months prior to this and my mother decided I'd deliberately been ruining shoes to encourage my parents to buy these boots,hense the hiding.As the only footwear I had left was a pair of hiking boots,I was made to wear these and refused new laces when they wore out so had to use orange twine.I got lots of "stick" at school for my footwear too(would probably be classed as bullying now)but I think it just gave me a thick skin & broad shoulders for later life as very little affected me emotionally. :)

  sunnystaines 17:43 15 Aug 2009

used to buy my footwear in marks & spencer but the quality of their shoes is dreadful now they just fall apart shame their products were always good quality now its all cheap tatt, now look at clarks and landsend for footwear.

  Brumas 17:44 15 Aug 2009

I bought a pair of Big T Tuff boots (I'm sure they were an orangey/tan colour) in the 60s when I was in the Merch. because I wanted something to last.

When we tied up in Port Said as usual, all the bum boats swarmed around and the 'regular' Arab traders set out their stalls all over the deck. This particularly wizen old man tugged at my shirt, pointed to my boots and asked how much? I told him they were not for sale but he wouldn't have it and he followed me round the deck literally stroking my boots whenever I stopped! He wouldn't take no for an answer and in the end I relented and sold them. I can't remember for how much but I'm pretty sure it was twice what I paid for them!

  wiz-king 18:06 15 Aug 2009

I cant see you Tuff lot in these. click here

  peter99co 18:31 15 Aug 2009

click here

I am not suggesting purchase just an illustration of availability

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