Is a footballer worth €159m to

  Quiller. 17:30 24 Aug 2013

move from one club to another.

click here I think he is.

  Aitchbee 18:10 24 Aug 2013

... so that's the cheekie chappie, whose six-foot-high, unsmiling face is on nearly all of the bus-shelters, down my way, advertising an energy drink that's " better than water." ...

I'm NOT an avid football fanatic, so, I'll 'pass' [on this one.]

  Forum Editor 19:04 24 Aug 2013

Deciding whether someone is "worth" a sum of money is a subjective thing. If you can see a return for your business on the sum invested then, yes, you might say that X is worth what you pay.

Football transfer fees have, in my opinion reached ridiculous proportions. Paying such vast sums for top players means that a club with access to huge amounts of money can simply buy itself a top team - somehow it detracts from the spirit of the game. At least for me it does.

  Quiller. 19:24 24 Aug 2013

A team in the English premier league could earn just short of £100m with tv deals, sponsership and if they won the league, FA cup and the UEFA Champions League. I don't know what the maximum total would be in Spain.

Most successful teams have one outstanding player, Van Persie for Man U, Luis Suárez for Liverpool,

Having a game change player could bring financial benefits for many years to come, it also attracts other good players to play alongside the best.

Forum Editor as an Arsenal supporter I can understand your stand on high transfer fees but Wengers resistance to spend has just brought them mediocre success. Their bank balance may be in the black but their silverware is going thin through polishing the same old trophies.

  [DELETED] 20:17 24 Aug 2013

He will certainly have to put a lot of 'bums on seats' and attract a lot of revenue from kit sales to justify that expenditure. The article linked to states that Real Madrid already have debts totaling almost 600 million euros and I can't see one man making much of a dent in that, that's if he doesn't just add to it. Good he maybe, but Superman he's not.

  bumpkin 20:51 24 Aug 2013

FE has it in a nutshell, football is a business now, not a game one can just go and watch and enjoy. Paying that sort of money will only put up ticket prices to the detriment of those with a genuine interest in the sport.

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