Footballer Could Be Released

  crosstrainer 07:39 03 Jul 2008

From prison six weeks into a six month sentence:

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What kind of message does this send to offenders?

  Picklefactory 08:06 03 Jul 2008

I'm not really sure that it is any different for non-footballers. You hear of plenty being released after similar periods, when they were sentenced to much longer.

  crosstrainer 09:26 03 Jul 2008

Just footballers I was referring to, but all those who choose to act in anti-social way's on the streets of out towns and cities.

If a six month sentence is going to be reduced to six weeks, then it does not constitute any real punishment, and will not deter those who choose to perpetrate crimes of this nature.

  Picklefactory 10:04 03 Jul 2008

Yet another sad indictment on our world, can't see it changing in current PC climate with so many championing the poor, poor downtrodden wrongdoers.

  spuds 10:27 03 Jul 2008

We keep being told by higher authorities that this is the way forward, because the prisons are to full, and some of the sentencing is far to hard.

In this particular case, I note that the person will have to wear a badge of honour and perhaps have a reduction in his £65.000 per week wages. Perhaps a strict course of anger management might no come amiss!.

Boot camps, pink underwear, and pay for your own way for meals perhaps. At least thats one way of 2/3 to a cell overcrowding, in America at least.

  Cymro. 13:59 03 Jul 2008

So if you keep them in prison longer what good does it do? We already send more people to jail than we can find room for. Prisons are the university of crime, they come out having learnt nothing but how not to get caught or not get convicted next time.

Most only re convict as soon as they are set free anyway. Prison is just a wast of time and money. It does nothing to reduce the crime rate. Many prisoners are suffering from some psychiatric illness or other and so should not be in prison in the first place.

Al right I don`t know what the answer is either but I do know that we must find something better than just sending them off to prison all the time. It has not worked in other countries and it will not work in this country.

  interzone55 15:20 03 Jul 2008

I saw a piece on TV a few weeks ago about a scheme where offenders get reduced time if they have a meeting with their victims. There's a special name for the meeting, but I've forgotten it.

Re-offending rates are much lower for offenders who participate in the scheme, because they see first hand the devastation they have caused.

  JYPX 19:34 03 Jul 2008

Well, when sentencing him on Tuesday, the judge said to Barton " You are someone who is talented and greatly idolised by young and old alike."
Why would we want to deprive all of these discerning people of this great talent?

  csqwared 20:00 03 Jul 2008

I get the distinct feeling that the prisons are so full because it's not a deterrent any more. Cymro has gone some way to addressing the problem but I would go further and ensure that, instead of being out of sight for their term of punishment, they should be in the eye of the public, working for the good of the community they have offended against, dressed so they are easily discernible to that public. I would also ensure they stayed for the length of the sentence, having already relinquished the privelege of time of for 'good behaviour' by offending in the first place.

  interzone55 21:09 03 Jul 2008

All very well, but what incentive is there to behave in prison if they can't get "time off for good behaviour"

The prisons are so full because there's people in there for seriously petty offences, like failing to pay for TV licences and fines.

These offences could be handled perfectly well with cummunity punishments

  al's left peg 21:41 03 Jul 2008

I think I can speak for the majority of Toon supporters and state here and now, we want well shot of him. As for the judge claiming he is talented and idolised by young and old alike. That judge has never been to a match at St James's Park and witnessed the bewilderment of the Newcastle support as he comes on to the pitch.
The sad thing is, if we sack him we will lose the crazy 6 million that clown Allardyce spent on him, then he will just get signed by another premier league team who will claim his bad behaviour is behind him now. Yeah right.
It stinks and it needs a total football ban on him to ever rectify these matters for the future, but there is so much greed in football it will never happen.

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