Football world cup may not be made of gold!

  Cymro. 10:48 13 Jun 2010

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Sp perhaps we are all getting excited about nothing after all. Even if England do win it will do nothing to increase the Bang of England gold reserves.

  peter99co 10:50 13 Jun 2010

nobody wins the coveted trophy outright as Fifa retains possession between tournaments, awarding a gold-plated replica to each World Cup champion.

  Cymro. 10:56 13 Jun 2010

Is it still the same one that was stolen and found in a hedge by some dog that time the World cup was held in England?

  peter99co 10:58 13 Jun 2010

The dogs name was Pickles I think.

  bremner 11:00 13 Jun 2010

No that was the original Jules Rimet trophy kept permenatly by Brazil when they won it for the third time in 1970.

  peter99co 11:00 13 Jun 2010
  Cymro. 11:02 13 Jun 2010

I bet there's a link to it somewhere. No sorry I can`t be bothered to look for it, but I bet someone else can.

  bremner 11:02 13 Jun 2010
  Cymro. 11:05 13 Jun 2010

That is what a being good forum member is all about, being willing to look for the link that is. Now what did the original trophy look like then. Ant links to that?.

  bremner 11:06 13 Jun 2010


  Cymro. 11:07 13 Jun 2010

I can`t keep up with you all.

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