Football Prices and Pies

  Bingalau 10:37 02 Aug 2011

How do Arsenal get away with charging £4 for a pie? Is it better quality than those sold in other stadia? Is there perhaps, some meat in it? Looking at the list of prices to attend a football match these days I am glad I passed my season ticket on to my son, way back in 1980... By the way I can remember when members of Her Majesty's forces could get half price admission to matches. That was during and for a short period after WW2 of course, I used to wear my army cadet uniform (Liverpool Scottish) uniform and get in for 10 old pence.

  bremner 11:16 02 Aug 2011

Are you by chance a Yorkshireman Four Yorkshireman

  Quickbeam 11:24 02 Aug 2011

In my experience the pies, burgers, hotdogs etc available at sporting venues are the cheapest and lowest quality available and imaginable. Served with the sloppiest of poor standards to people that think that's all OK.

How do they get away with it? Easy with a captive customer base. I'll be going to Edgbaston in a couple of weeks, but with cricket, it's normal to roll up with your picnic hamper for the day.

We're much more civilised!

Well sometimes...

  Colin 12:31 02 Aug 2011

It's not compulsory to buy them. I assume plenty of people do buy them so the club sees no reason to reduce the price.

  birdface 12:42 02 Aug 2011

If you don't mind paying the entrance fee I don't think you can grumble about the price of a pie.

Just think when everyone else is struggling to make a living and survive with what they get,Footballers wages go up and up and up.

And who's fault is that.The supporters of course who part with their cash at the turnstiles.

And of course you get the ones that earn to much and don't want to pay the full amount of tax that they should so have ways around it.

You can't blame the players just those that support them.

Some of them getting more in one week than the prime minister gets in a full year.

  wiz-king 14:58 02 Aug 2011

A mug of Marmite or Bovril must be a couple of quid then.

  Bingalau 15:13 02 Aug 2011

Maybe football fans would be better off taking their own grub and drinks in a backpack. But of course they wouldn't be allowed inside the ground with that. So rolling up with a picnic hamper would really get the authorities going bonkers.

  Bingalau 15:17 02 Aug 2011

bremner, no I am a very proud Scouser. Born and bred in what was then a slum area, (Walton) but now upgraded by a lifetime of hard work etc., to live in the posh part of Liverpool (Formby).

  Bingalau 15:19 02 Aug 2011

P.S. I think Macscouse was probably from a worse area than me, so he has also worked hard and now he's ended up in a posh part of a posh country. Scotland. (With a posh L.H.O. to boot).

  Aitchbee 18:01 02 Aug 2011

Bingalau - Who is the 'Pie Manager' at Arsenal? Get 'Desperate Dan' in pronto. I heard he 'rustles up' a mean pie.

  Forum Editor 18:39 02 Aug 2011

£4 does seem a little on the high side, but they still sell plenty of them, and the couple I've had when I've been there have been delicious.

The Arsenal fish and chips are the best I've ever tasted.

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