football club about to go bust

  sunnystaines 17:54 23 Feb 2010

click here

why are so many in financial dire, I personal think its the high wages they pay the players if they brought it down to near average wages the clubs would save thousands. how can they justify paying over hundred thousand pound wages.

  Input Overload 17:57 23 Feb 2010

I can't stand the game, if they all closed down I wouldn't lose a second of sleep.

  Brumas 18:00 23 Feb 2010

Join the club!

  sunnystaines 18:06 23 Feb 2010

I too am not a football fan, useless at playing it too.

but get annoyed when they pay sky high and above wages then wonder why they are millions in the red.

amazing how they con rich arabs and russians to buy them out.

the football scene has led a lot in the rise of out chav and yob culture and i would not miss it if the creditors shut down all those clubs in debt.

  Snec 18:08 23 Feb 2010

From sunnystaines click here:

"Portsmouth will be deducted nine points should they, as now expected, go into administration"

Does anyone else see the humour in that?

  Kevscar1 18:14 23 Feb 2010

This is an old story thats been running for about 6 months.

  peter99co 19:10 23 Feb 2010

Works in the USA!

  Snec 19:56 23 Feb 2010

That would confuse the players tho'... "it was a game of four halves, I'm over the parrot."

  wids001 10:56 24 Feb 2010

I was reading a story the other day regarding Manchester Utd's debt of over £750 million. Apparently this debt is the money that the new owners actually borrowed to buy the club!

  JYPX 13:44 24 Feb 2010

I just don't get it. If your family season ticket - which took a serious chunk out of your budget - was securing the future of a club that you love, that would be ok. It does not. The cash is required to put yet another exotic car in the garage of the modestly talented players you are watching because greed is rampant. Somebody is being taken for a ride here - have a guess who...

  sunnystaines 13:57 24 Feb 2010

wait for it brown to bail out the football clubs with tax payers cash

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