food for thought ?

  ashdav 01:22 04 Jul 2007

Do any of you concur with this ? click here
It's not my personal thing but it's got me thinking in the light of recent events.
I think you need to filter the comments and get to the gist.

  Kate B 13:11 04 Jul 2007

Repellent website, repellent ideas. Enough said.

  knockin on 13:15 04 Jul 2007

Loud, rubbish

  Al94 13:25 04 Jul 2007

Had a quick look - the guy is obviously a loonie who tries to cause trouble wherever he goes, on his own admission people mumble & walk off in apparent embarrassment or castigate him for his views.

  anskyber 13:33 04 Jul 2007

Pitiful. A Question of Being Unbalanced.

  Totally-braindead 13:39 04 Jul 2007

Its a spoof website as far as I can see unless they guy really means it and the ideas are so off the wall he shouldn't be let out.
I hope its meant as a spoof.

  newman35 13:49 04 Jul 2007

Absolutely deranged.

  newman35 13:51 04 Jul 2007

Empty vessels make most noise seems appropriate.

Apologies for the two posts, too quick on the keyboard!

  Forum Editor 17:28 04 Jul 2007

in our midst.

  postie24 17:40 04 Jul 2007

Has any mental asylums reported any missing inmates.
Top candidate,me thinks.

  realist 18:51 04 Jul 2007

Anyone requiring proper food for thought might care to read Melanie Phillips' excellent 2006 book "Londinistan".

Be afraid, be very John Reid might say.

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