Flying Geese

  Al94 22:02 29 Dec 2011
  flycatcher1 22:25 29 Dec 2011


  QuizMan 23:28 29 Dec 2011

It is very good footage and the actual programme was on tonight. Sadly, I could not really get into it and was bored half way through. I don't really know why because I normally like these types of programmes, but it all seemed rather repetitive.

Perhaps it is Xmas TV overload.

  BRYNIT 00:38 30 Dec 2011

I new I'd see this program before but wasn't sure when until I found that Christian Moullec "raises" thirty eggs of Lesser White-fronted Geese in 1999.

  BRYNIT 00:40 30 Dec 2011

I must remember my K's and spell check it should read knew in stead of new

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