Fly Removal from Chimney

  birdface 17:47 30 Jun 2010

Every year about this time we get loads of fly's falling down the inside of our chimney.
Big fly's small flies.
Obviously they must get into the chimney and lay there eggs there.
Getting fed up with the same routine every year.
Is there anything that you can spray or use in the Chimney to stop them completely.
We have a coal type gas fire with a back boiler for the central heating.
It has the normal metal type Flue pipe connection for getting rid of the fumes.
Any advice welcome.

  BT 18:08 30 Jun 2010

Sounds to me like you have a dead bird or something up there, but it doesn't account for them every year. Can you get the chaps who service your boiler (you do have it serviced?) to check it out.

Flies only lay their eggs in dead creatures, not in chimneys etc.

  Forum Editor 18:19 30 Jun 2010

Flies lay their eggs on carrion and nothing else - their maggots like to feed on decomposing flesh.

Birds - usually pigeons - are attracted to the warm air rising through the flu from the gas fire, and they perch on the top. They can be overcome by Carbon Monoxide and fall, dead, into the flu liner. Flies lay eggs, the maggots eat the corpse and pupate, and you see the resulting flies coming down into the room.

Get someone to check that you have the correct gas termination cowl on the chimney. This is designed so that birds (and rain) can't get into the flu liner.

  birdface 19:12 30 Jun 2010

Up the loft a few years back and had a couple of very big wasps -bees- hornets whatever they were flying about.
So not sure if we have a nest up there or not.
But cannot see them getting in the Flue.

I was up on the roof a few years back fixing my aerial and never noticed anything out of place with the chimney cowl.
I am sure that there was a wire mesh on the inside of the cowl as it had only been put in a few years earlier.
used to get a few ants at the bottom of the fireplace and can see no problem there.
Just wondered if there is anything on the market that I could use.
Any sort of smoke bombs or anything like that.
Will have a look up the loft again when I get my ladder back from my Son In law.
I had cavity wall installation so I would not think anything could get past that.

  morddwyd 19:43 30 Jun 2010

Sound like cluster flies, unpleasant but not a particular health risk like household flies.

They are field flies which cluster, often in the same building.

click here

  VCR97 19:46 30 Jun 2010

They might simply be cluster flies. I have them in the loft and, somehow, one sometimes gets into the chimney and suddenly makes an appearance in the room. Google for full info.

  birdface 21:28 30 Jun 2010

Cluster Flies maybe.
The big ones when they fall down the chimney just look like normal house flies only bigger.
They cannot fly at first so I usually get the vacuum out to suck them up.
Small ones are really small so I assume two different types of fly.
There is daylight showing through on the top tiles on the roof so no doubt they could get in that way but how they would get into the cavity I do not know.
Bought one of those noise repellents that get rid of ants and flies and have it on 24 hours a day.
Have it on the Fireplace facing the chimney.
Only got it last year and have to admit we had a lot less flies last year than we ever had before.
Its usually July august time we get them so not sure what this year will bring.

  wee eddie 21:46 30 Jun 2010

Flying ants?

  birdface 22:01 30 Jun 2010

Right time of year for flying ants and that was our first guess.
But they can fly as soon as they come up from the ground so we do not think that is what they are.

  onionskin 23:20 30 Jun 2010

They'll be fireflies.

  birdface 23:59 30 Jun 2010

Nice one.
I should have thought of that.

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