Flurry of spam - AA coincidence ??

  Phil Ocifer 21:09 28 Nov 2012

Just got a quote off the meerkat for house insurance yesterday and used the works email address. I took it as far as clicking on the AA quote.

Phoned the AA on the 0800 number provided and spoke to a nice chap who talked me through and saved me a good deal of moolah. He confirmed my HOME email address as we're already on their system They have been cheapest for us this year (this is not an advertisement).

Today I have received 22 spam emails, all with links at the bottom to unsubscribe, with all links resulting in the same unsubscribe layout with differing web addresses but all obviously from the same vendor.

I will be visiting my account with the AA and ensuring the relevent boxes are ticked. Be warned. Cheers, Phil.

  Aitchbee 21:25 28 Nov 2012

Thanks Phil for the heads up - noted.

  Phil Ocifer 21:45 28 Nov 2012

I can't find the unsubscribe link, but found this :

As previously mentioned, Saga and AA do not sell, trade or rent your information, and will never disclose information about you to third parties, except to fulfil your specific orders for a product or information in the event that third parties deliver the relevant service.

I will give it another day to see whether I get the same crap, then I will probably contact them.

  BT 08:47 29 Nov 2012

In my experience the AA quote on comparison sites is almost always the lowest. Not sure what that implies but what really annoyed me was that within half an hour of just looking at it they were on the phone trying to convince me to take up their quote. Its not an option not to put in a phone number on these sites and I'm afraid I now just invent one.

  morddwyd 10:20 29 Nov 2012

"In my experience the AA quote on comparison sites is almost always the lowest"

Yes, and in my experience, admittedly not recent, once the premium is paid they will come back and say they misquoted and asj for more.

I know of at least six people this happened to, including me.

Some of them actually paid up, which did not include me!

  spuds 11:03 29 Nov 2012

I gave up with the AA a number of years ago, when as a supposed loyal member, I was receiving quotes and special offers that offered even better terms, conditions and prices to new subscriber's.

After being a member in the AA for over thirty years with only 5 call-outs in that time, three of those were on the same day, for the same problem. I asked if it was possible to give a reward, loyalty bonus or even a quarter century scheme. The response was very abrupt, and on that I haven't bothered with the AA since.

One point regarding the above, I asked why it was that I was being quoted less by going direct to Swinton, and more for using the AA for the same Swinton cover. Apparently the higher quote was due to the better service the AA was providing?.

What annoys me the most, is some companies provide 'opt-in' boxes, when others provide 'opt-out' boxes, so it pays to make sure which type of option is being offered. The other thing that I have noticed, that is becoming more regular, is the 'demand' for your mobile number before they will allow you to register. This is another marketing idea, so that the company can send regular text's to your mobile.

  BT 12:46 29 Nov 2012

..the 'demand' for your mobile number before they will allow you to register.

I absolutely refuse to give out my mobile number to anyone other than my family and a few close friends. If I have to put in a number it will be my landline or nothing. If they insist on a number and I don't think its necessary they get a totally fictitious number. The other option is to go elsewhere.

If companies phone I remind them that my number is provided to enable problems to be resolved and that calling uninvited trying to sell me something is a breach of the TPS rules.

The TPS works fairly well for me but I do get calls from people saying that they are conducting a survey, as they obviously know that surveys are not covered by the TPS rules, and as far as I'm concerned they should be. Last week I had 3 calls from someone saying that they were doing a survey on behalf of Tesco's Clubcard, and despite being told on the first two occasions that I don't do phone surveys they still called a third time, when I told them that if it happened again I would be complaining to Tesco's Customer Services, often the best option, as I have found they then take notice and it often brings a voucher in compensation. I've had a fiver on a number of occasions.

  johndrew 14:40 29 Nov 2012

..the 'demand' for your mobile number before they will allow you to register.

Such a demand can easily be dealt with by using an old, unused PAYG number from a 'phone you no longer use. It saves no end of SMS spam messages from businesses that attempt to pummel you into submission and additional cost if you take your 'phone on holiday.

There could be a market for old PAYG SIMS for this purpose - I wonder if ......

  Phil Ocifer 09:34 01 Dec 2012

Well, after a fairly intense session of "unsubscribing" from these darned annoying spams, I'm down to only one on Friday from clearyourbills.co.uk(who have an address in Michigan) and an unsubscribe link from opportunity-central.net.

Hopefully that should be it. If not, I'll let you know.

PS Couldn't find anything on the AA to unsubscribe. If they contact me again I will ensure it is mentioned on the "recorded conversation in order to improve the service" .

  Nontek 19:51 05 Dec 2012

Hmm .... from The AA

seems a strange way for such a company to cover a business matter - via a Forum??

  Nontek 19:55 05 Dec 2012

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