Fluid dynamics and problem mould build-up in taps.

  Aitchbee 23:35 30 Jun 2018

My water taps get blocked up with mould and I'm not happy about the 'sprinkly'flow of water that skooshes out of 'em. What's the best way remove the mould from the tap water outlet.

btw, I've tried poking a stiff bristled brush up the tap's orifices to dislodge the 'gunge', which usually dislodges some of the mould, but is there a better, longer-term solution to this maddening [to me anyway] problem ?

  lotvic 03:03 01 Jul 2018

Just have to keep cleaning HB click here it's not just you, it happens a lot. Try bleach, bi-carb, or white vinegar.

You could soak rag or kitchen roll in white vinegar and poke it up the spout and leave for half an hour. Vinegar will dissolve calcium deposits and kill mould spores. White vinegar makes a super all purpose cleaner and laundry freshener (put some in washer with your laundry).

  wee eddie 03:27 01 Jul 2018

Some say that Coca-Cola will clean most anything

  Quickbeam 07:28 01 Jul 2018

Pipe cleaners with the above mentioned fluids. Failing that, new taps might have to be the cure if the mould spores are too hard to remove, or at least removing the taps and leaving in a strong anti bacterial solution overnight.

And full marks for the use of 'skoosh', a fine Scottish adjective that doesn't seem to warrant a mention in dictionaries!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:29 01 Jul 2018

I live in a hard water area and therefore suffer from calcium build up.

Every 2/3 years I remove the taps completely, strip and soak them in a bah of white vinegar overnight, clean off residue, renew the washers and refit taps.

  Cymro. 10:05 01 Jul 2018

Granted I would not fancy drinking water from a tap with this problem but is it actually dangerous in any way. If it is then I would have thought it was a problem for the water company to sort out.

  lotvic 17:18 01 Jul 2018

Cymro. info in link I posted says not dangerous, but I wouldn't fancy drinking water from a mouldy slimy tap. Water Co. blame it on Ventilation and naturally occurring spores.

Fungal spores are naturally present in the environment. It is only when they find themselves in a suitable warm, moist location with a source of food that the spores multiply and produce a grey or black jelly-like growth.

  wee eddie 18:02 01 Jul 2018

If your tap is dripping, it remains permanently moist and you will get such a problem. Get rid of the drip. The inside of the tap will dry out between uses and the mould will no longer be able to gain a foothold

  lotvic 21:19 01 Jul 2018

There you go HB, stop being such a drip, dry up LOL ;-)

  Aitchbee 22:21 01 Jul 2018


Pipe cleaners with the above mentioned fluids.

My dental flossing gadget might fit the bill.

Skoosh case!

  Forum Editor 13:45 02 Jul 2018

You can usually remove the flow modifier from the tap spout - then you can clean it properly, or perhaps just do without it, as lots of people do.

It should simply unscrew, although you might need to use a pair of grippers to get it started.

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