Flu jab

  ella33 12:57 10 Jan 2010

I was given a flu jab in Novenber 2008 and the pharmacist told me that this also covered the winter vomiting virus. I have now been told on another forum by someone claiming to be a doctor that this cannot be the case. I will of course try to get contact the pharmacy because I never say anything without good reason but wondered if anyone here knew anything about the norovirus and flu jabs?

  Forum Editor 13:12 10 Jan 2010

There is currently no vaccine against Norovirus, although scientists have developed a way to make vaccines from plants.

  ella33 13:46 10 Jan 2010

It is very strange because I remember being told that jab covered the winter vomiting virus, too. I don't really want to go rushing to the pharmacist to check on a Sunday but I am wondering why that should be. I am careful with advice that I am given as I don't like to give people wrong advice. Would it be possible to find out if there was another vomiting virus in winter 2008, which there was a vaccination for?

  spuds 14:51 10 Jan 2010

Check with your pharmacist, GP practice or local Health Trust for up to date information. Our local A&E have advice people to do as above, due to the increase in numbers of people turning up at A&E wanting help and advice.

Had it been the Swine Flu that you were inquiring about, then the NHS are going to send large amounts of surplus stocks to third world countries.

  lotvic 17:12 10 Jan 2010

Whatever jab you had in November 2008 will be no good now anyway.
I think you have to get a new jab every 12 months.

  ella33 19:23 10 Jan 2010

Strictly speaking, all jabs should last a lifetime but they work better on some people than others I am told. The other problem is that the viruses mutate, so that is the reason for updating jabs. I wonder if that pharmacist will remember telling me that flu jab covered the WVV, it is definitely the same person. Maybe it was a particular vomiting bug that year. The amazing thing is that it worked so I wish no one had told me it isn't true!!

  octal 19:47 10 Jan 2010

There is no vaccine for norovirus, but you can protect your self from it using good hygiene techniques and a bit of common sense. You can pick it up from touching hard surfaces that an infected person has previously touched and it's transferred either though the mouth, eye's or nose. So good hand cleaning is essential prior to eating, the hand gels don't necessary kill the virus, so it is preferable to wash your hands properly.

So try to get out of the habit of licking your fingers when turning pages of your book or magazine, I see this a lot when I'm travelling on public transport.

The norovirus was my case study when I was taking my infection control qualification, although I'm not clinical, because I work in areas that this virus is sometimes virulent I thought it was a good idea to gain some knowledge of it.

  Forum Editor 00:28 11 Jan 2010

It didn't work - you just weren't exposed to the virus. As I said earlier, and as has been confirmed by others since, there is no vaccine for norovirus.

  ella33 19:37 11 Jan 2010

Oh well, I am a great believer in mind over matter, like placebos! Also, I wonder if the sickness bug I had in 12/2007 was norovirus and maybe gave me some immunity. Or maybe I am very good at handwashing! When I see the pharmacist, I will ask if there was a flu with sickness in 2008, or what on earth she did say!!
Thanks for the replies.

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